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BeMore Fitsolutions Brings Innerva’s Power-Assisted Exercise Solution To The Benelux Region

BEnelux L-R David Heathcote, Innerva Head of Business, Barbara Standage suite supervisor Pendle LC, Joop de Boers, Ruud Morees & Michael Brouwers

BeMore Fitsolutions is introducing Innerva’s power-assisted exercise equipment to the Benelux region for the first time.

Industry veterans Joop de Boers and Ruud Morees, who have more than 50 years’ combined experience in the European health and fitness sector, established the company with a clear mission: to provide comprehensive fitness solutions that truly make a difference.

Innerva’s innovative power-assisted exercise solution aligns perfectly with this mission, with research showing the profoundly positive impact of the equipment on the mental and physical health of users.

The power-assisted nature of the equipment gives people who are unable or unwilling to join a traditional fitness club due to their age or health the opportunity to exercise in a safe, supportive and sociable environment.

Industry colleague Hans Muench first introduced de Boers and Morees to the Innerva concept, which is manufactured in England.

After witnessing the success of the solution in Norway, where there are now over 55 Innerva-equipped Feelgood studios, they were determined to bring the concept to the Benelux region as exclusive Innerva distributors. 

“There is nothing like Innerva anywhere in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Many older people want to be active to maintain their independence and prevent ill-health, but don’t want to join a gym.

The Innerva circuit allows them to come together with others to exercise safely and socialise – it’s the whole package,” says BeMore Fitsolutions co-founder de Boers.

Like the rest of Europe, the Benelux countries have rapidly ageing populations, with the associated problems of loneliness and social isolation, which can lead to a variety of health conditions. 

Fellow BeMore Fitsolutions founder, Morees, says: “Innerva is so much more than exercise equipment. Yes, it builds strength, aerobic fitness and improves balance and flexibility, but it also instils confidence in users and encourages social interaction that enhances their overall wellbeing. These remarkable social benefits help to make Innerva so unique.”

The first Innerva-equipped studio is due to open in Middenbeemster in the Netherlands by the end of the year. BeMore Fitsolutions are in talks with other parties interested in the Innerva concept either purchasing the equipment or investing in a fully branded solution.

“The active ageing market remains largely untapped by the fitness industry, which is a significant missed opportunity. We are excited to embark on this journey with Innerva and are committed to transforming the fitness landscape in the Benelux region by helping people of all ages to lead healthier, more active lives,” says de Boers.