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Total Fitness Partners with Expert Life Coach To Launch Motivation Space

Milla Lascelles

Fitness and health club brand, Total Fitness, has partnered with health and lifestyle coach, Milla Lascelles, to launch their first in-club ‘Motivation Space’.

Members will be able to participate in an exclusive session where they will receive tips, advice and support from Milla to tackle any symptoms of low motivation and the impact this may be having on their mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

The Motivation Space will launch at the Total Fitness Wilmslow club, with two group seminars and a series of one-to-one sessions taking place throughout the day, offering members the chance to work with Milla in a safe and comfortable environment.

Milla is an expert holistic health and lifestyle coach, supporting and guiding people to make positive health and lifestyle changes, making her the ideal expert partner for this campaign as she helps to guide members on their motivational journey.

Milla Lascelles, health and lifestyle comments: “It’s such an exciting opportunity to partner with Total Fitness for the launch of their first Motivation Space, particularly as October sees the transition into longer and darker days, meaning our motivation can easily drop and our overall mood be affected.

I’m looking forward to having some coaching sessions with their members so they can benefit from my expert advice on keeping motivated over winter.

For anyone struggling with their mental health and in need of support this World Mental Health Day, I have shared some insights to help understand why they may have low motivation and what they can do to improve this. 

“There are many different factors that affect people’s motivation. One of the main reasons is not having a restful sleep and falling into an REM (rapid eye movement) state, meaning even though you’ve woken up after eight hours of sleep, you may be feeling exhausted and totally unmotivated.

“There can be a host of reasons why you haven’t slept deeply – this could be alcohol-related, coffee related, or even down to the electronic devices we use before bed – as the blue light from our screen time depletes our melatonin which affects our sleep.

Additionally, if you experience stress in your life, you may be procrastinating which means you’re stuck in an avoidance mode rather than drive mode, which can also affect motivation.

Perhaps you have a huge roadblock ahead of you and the reason you can’t get through it is down to fear? Again, feeling fear towards something can affect motivation. 

“As such, low motivation can make people irritable and angry. It can make someone feel unworthy and often they tend to beat themselves up about it. Low motivation may also mean you’re in self-sabotage mode, so you turn to habits that don’t serve you.

These habits may be scrolling too much, turning to processed junk food, and not moving the body, which in turn will make you feel lethargic and perhaps anxious – lowering your motivation.

“I would make sure my sleep hygiene is in good order first and then look at my morning routine. These two aspects of how you go to sleep and how you wake up are crucial to motivation.”

Dan Gibson, General Manager at Total Fitness Wilmslow, comments: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Milla for the launch of our Motivation Space on a day which is all about raising awareness for mental health and the struggles many people are currently facing.

“We’re committed to helping all our members on every step of their mental and physical fitness journey, and we know how much low motivation can impact people and their ability to exercise.

The Motivation Space is a chance for members to speak to our expert life coach and combat any lifestyle struggles head on, so they can enter a happier mental space, which in turn will help to positively impact their fitness routines.”

Find out more about Total Fitness on their website.