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How Tiktok Is Influencing The World Of Fitness

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The rise of TikTok has changed the way in which many of us consume information, from beauty to fitness tips. Is there a danger in placing our trust in these content creators? Is TikTok a viable platform to gain knowledge and understanding surrounding topics such as health and wellbeing? 

Vikash Sharma from Perfect Stride shares his opinion on how TikTok is influencing the world of  online fitness: 

“As TikTok has become a mainstay in home of consumers as well as a legitimate platform for  businesses to promote and sell their products, health and fitness accounts have been growing rapidly.

The problem with this is that the information that these accounts are sharing can be  misleading and also dangerous in many instances.  

“There are many individuals who are not experts in any health and fitness related field but their  opinions are valued because of their physiques and/or celebrity status. Therefore, their anecdotal  advice regarding nutrition, fitness, rehabilitation or medicine are valued amongst consumers who  are seeking similar results.” 

Vikash adds: “Consumers need to be vigilant about researching where they are getting their content from.

A great place to start is to ask, “does this individual or business have a certification in whatever advice they are giving?” To take this even further you may want to ask “is the advice  that this individual is providing backed by scientific evidence”?  

“Misguided/false advice that is provided can lead to eating disorders, body shaming, injury, increased pain or worse.

People need to understand that not all advice is one size fits all and that  just because it worked for one person that doesn’t mean it will work for them.

They need to  understand that they need to be the ones looking out for themselves because at the end of the  day, large corporations are going to have their agenda and interests before that of the  consumer.”