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Third Space Launches Its Eighth World Class Fitness And Wellbeing Club In Moorgate

ThirdSpace Gym

Third Space proudly unveils its eighth club in the vibrant hub of Moorgate, setting a new standard for opulence and excellence in fitness and health.

Nestled in the heart of the city, this remarkable establishment offers an industrial-themed design and an array of world-class, cutting-edge facilities.

Situated at 16 South Place, the latest addition to the Third Space portfolio beckons members to leave behind the frenetic pace of urban life and embrace a fitness sanctuary designed for the future.

Third Space Gym

Spanning an expansive 27,000 square feet, this visionary club showcases the most advanced equipment and technology, catering to the needs of discerning individuals seeking top-tier training and immersive recovery experiences.

Within the club’s walls, members will discover an extraordinary array of features, including state-of-the-art performance cardio equipment, Elieko strength areas, revolutionary velocity-based training technology, an exhilarating sled track, an intelligent cycling area, and a sublime recovery lounge.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, a unique circular combat caged arena awaits, offering dynamic combat classes that bring the essence of martial arts to life, complete with padded walls, hanging bags, and captivating perimeter lighting.

In a groundbreaking innovation, members can descend a spiral stairway leading to a circular cycling studio, where they can push their physical limits using the revolutionary ICG connect technology, specially designed for intense racing and battle scenarios.

Third Space Moorgate Combat Area

The studio envelops riders in a world of unrivalled luxury, featuring state-of-the-art interactive lighting and studio-quality surround sound, enabling cyclists to fully immerse themselves and unleash their maximum potential.

The Moorgate club goes beyond mere fitness, offering a haven of tranquillity for those seeking respite from the bustling city. Members can indulge in ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, aided by an array of amenities including compression sleeves, percussive therapy guns, and sumptuous recumbent relaxation chairs, all set amidst a warm timber interior.

Additionally, the club boasts atmospheric wood, water, and stone saunas, exuding a soothing ambience accentuated by the soft glow of a backlit Himalayan sea salt wall—a truly unparalleled wellness experience.

A hallmark of every Third Space club, the Moorgate establishment features luxurious changing rooms adorned with polished concrete surfaces, terrazzo vanity stations, and metallic lockers, crafting an oasis of serenity for members to refresh and prepare for their day ahead.

To ensure seamless transitions, members can avail themselves of natural skin and hair care products from Cowshed, allowing them to seamlessly transition from invigorating workouts to rejuvenating self-care rituals. Ironing boards, hair dryers, and straighteners are thoughtfully provided, while lockers are conveniently available for rent, liberating members from the burdensome task of lugging their gear around.

Colin Waggett, the esteemed CEO of Third Space, enthuses, “We are immensely proud and thrilled to inaugurate the latest Third Space club in Moorgate.

As always, our unwavering commitment lies in tailoring the space to meet each member’s distinct requirements, and this club exemplifies our dedication.

From the one-of-a-kind circular combat zone to the mesmerizing spiral stairway leading to the exceptional cycling studio, combined with the industry’s best trainers offering guidance and support, our members can continue to enjoy the unparalleled services synonymous with Third Space.”

With this momentous launch, Third Space embarks on its ambitious expansion plans, poised to revolutionize the fitness and wellness landscape.

Waggett eagerly anticipates welcoming members to the Moorgate site, where they can embark on their transformative training and recovery journeys.

The Moorgate club boasts a staggering selection of over 100 classes per week, facilitated by highly-qualified trainers.

Furthermore, members can enjoy the convenience of a Natural Fitness Food outlet, providing essential refuelling options after workouts or quick grab-and-go meals.

These delectable offerings are expertly crafted by an in-house nutritionist, ensuring optimal nourishment to complement members’ fitness endeavours.