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The Crazy Things We Would Do In Exchange For Instantly Achieving Our Dream Body

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According to new research one in five of us would give up all our electronic devices for a full month to instantly reach our health and fitness goals.

That’s not all we’d be willing to do, with a survey of 1,000 Brits finding that almost 19% of respondents would shave their head, 17% would give up sex for one year, and 17% would forgo showering or bathing for two weeks in return for instantly achieving their dream body.

The study examined respondents’ attitudes on fitness, well-being and what motivates them, also revealing that almost 1 in 3 Brits exercise for less than 1 hour each week, blaming a lack of motivation as the main reason for leading an inactive lifestyle.

The survey also revealed that Brits spend more than 3 times as long watching TV each week as they do exercising. Despite this, 28% claimed they don’t have time for exercise, while a further third of respondents (30%) cited a lack of motivation as the main reason for not exercising or maintaining healthy habits.

It is no surprise that Brits struggle with motivation. Aside from combating stress on a regular basis, 26% often face tiredness and 36% don’t even know which healthy habits to build. When it comes to regular exercise, 42% of respondents feel so overwhelmed and intimidated by maintaining a fitness routine that they would rather not start one at all. By taking a more holistic approach to healthy habits and exercise, Brits can expect to see more long-term success.

The study also revealed that 43% of Brits do want to build healthy habits, but are just too busy, reporting that they feel stressed on average almost 3 days each week, with 1 in 5 people (19%) saying they are stressed 5 to 7 days a week. Leading on from this, more than half (56%) of Brits also face issues with sleep.

In an attempt to combat this, 1 in 3 Brits now prioritise mindfulness, with 49% practicing it to sleep better and combat the effects of a stressful lifestyle. 55% of respondents also claimed they feel more energetic and motivated by listening to mindful audio content, such as podcasts, audio books and audio coaching. These are promising numbers, as science shows that mindfulness and meditation can positively impact fitness and healthy routines in the long run.

Recognising the importance of mindfulness when it comes to an active, healthy lifestyle, Europe’s #1 fitness app Freeletics has announced a new holistic approach to staying fit and healthy – both mentally and physically. With the launch of “Freeletics Mindset,” the company is now combining its renowned AI-powered, hyper-personalised exercise plans with all-new mindset coaching to help users enjoy more success than ever before when it comes to reaching their long-term health and fitness goals.

This major update gives the 40 million Freeletics app users access to educational, motivational and mindful audio courses. By combining new mental training with its adaptive workout plans, the app is now designed to strengthen the body and sharpen the mind. Over the last six years, Freeletics has become an industry leader by offering workout experiences completely tailored to each person’s unique fitness level, preferences and goals. With the launch of this new product, Freeletics becomes the first fitness app to fully harness AI technology for hyper-personalised coaching and seamlessly merge training for both body and mind.

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