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Therabody’s New Recoveryair Pneumatic Compression Boots Dramatically Changing The Landscape With Wireless Technology

RecoveryAir Jetboots 1

Global pioneer in wellness technology, Therabody, introduce its second generation of RecoveryAir pneumatic compression boots with advanced technology that help people recover effectively, as a perfect complement to the company’s hero, Theragun.

This revolutionary, category-defining device accelerates circulation through passive recovery, increasing blood flow to reduce pain and soreness.

The JetBoots’ unique form factor makes it easier and more convenient to use at home, in the gym or while travelling, fitting in a carry-on suitcase all while using exclusive technology for fast, effective recovery.

Equipped with a sleek, functional, and hygienic design and proprietary technology; industry-leading 60-second compression cycle; and precisely calibrated pressure controls, the RecoveryAir pneumatic compression boots optimises the entire user experience with ease, comfort, and superior efficacy.

While technological innovation is fundamental to the wellness leader’s product development, RecoveryAir’s streamlined approach to design makes it easy and approachable for everyone, thus having the potential to transform daily life for millions of people globally.

Pneumatic compression is a form of pressure massage in which a garment completely covering the legs or arm(s) inflates and deflates in a cyclical pattern over a period of time.

The process flushes out fluids containing metabolic waste and ushers in fresh, nutrient-rich blood to the limbs. RecoveryAir’s proprietary internal overlapping chambers are the only device to allow for a consistent pressure gradient with a single surface throughout the limb which eliminates the peaks and valley pressures you see with other products, making the most efficacious and hygienic experience. The RecoveryAir line is perfect for flushing fatigued legs, especially for runners, cyclists, or anyone who is on their feet all day.

Each of the three RecoveryAir models include a combination of exclusive technology that is simple to understand, making the experience convenient to sit back, relax and recover:

  • Proprietary FastFlush Technology™ aids in recovery by completing one full cycle in just 60 seconds, which is two-to-three times faster than other pneumatic compression boots. A faster flush cycle indicates faster recovery time for the limb.
  • Proprietary TruGrade Technology™ allows the garment to create precise pressure while inflating and deflating to sequentially travel up your legs from the bottom of your feet toward your heart.
  • RecoveryAir garments have a safer, more hygienic design using non-porous medical grade material combined with internal overlapping chambers that provide one smooth surface. This textile use and construction makes the garments easy to clean, with no opportunity for bacteria and odor to develop under separated chamber flaps.
  • Beginning in Spring 2022, every new RecoveryAir device will be compatible with the Therabody App via Bluetooth, allowing the user to control their pneumatic compression experience from the palm of their hand. Simply connect to the app, get guided recovery programs, share them with RecoveryAir users and store them on the device.

“Everybody can benefit from improved circulation,” said Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody. 

“I’ve witnessed RecoveryAir have immediate positive effects on many people, from weekend warriors to parents carrying young children all day, to medical workers getting off a 12-hour shift.

RecoveryAir helps recharge the legs with accelerated recovery while on a video conference or just watching TV. As the global authority on whole body wellness, it is our responsibility to help consumers with their self-care and understand they don’t have to live in pain or discomfort.”

Blood circulation is vital to overall health; it carries oxygen, nutrients, and other important components to and from the heart and the body’s many tissues and organs so they can function.

The human body is designed to increase circulation when moving or exercising, and RecoveryAir can provide faster recovery than the body’s natural process. Whether sore, tired, or aging, people can reap the benefits of increased circulation through passive recovery with Therabody’s latest line of pneumatic compression boots.

Three new RecoveryAir models are now available:

  • JetBoots: The most innovative addition to the RecoveryAir line is fully wireless with the pump integrated into the bottom of the boots instead of tubes that connect to an external pump – a unique and compact design innovation in pneumatic compression. JetBoots are portable and convenient for the person who wants to be able to recover from anywhere, at any time. RRP: £779.
  • PRO: The newly redesigned, top-of-line system gives the user total control to create the most customisable pneumatic compression experience. The second-generation device includes four preset modes, giving the user the option of fully guided treatments, or a completely customised experience with the ability to control every aspect of the treatment parameters including independent chamber pressure adjustments, inflation cycle selection, pressure, duration, and more. Additionally, the PRO console is compatible with RecoveryAir garments, including compression vest, sleeve, and pants which will be available later this year. RRP: £1,129.
  • Prime: The simplified and easy-to-use pneumatic compression device makes the benefits of Therabody’s clinically proven recovery technologies accessible to anybody. RRP: £599.

“On-the-go recovery is vital to my routine and that’s why I love the portability of JetBoots, said Therabody Athlete and investor, Colin Morikawa. “I travel for more than half the year and being able to have them with me – easy to pack, and no cords to worry about – makes recovery so much easier no matter where I am. Relief from everyday aches and pains are critical for me as an athlete, so I am thankful for products that allow me to passively recover while I decompress and recharge my mind.”

An FDA-cleared Class II medical device, RecoveryAir is currently available for purchase on Therabody’s website, in its 13 standalone retail locations, Reset locations, at Best Buy and Dick’s Sporting Goods in the U.S., and John Lewis in the UK.

RecoveryAir will also be available throughout Europe at select retailers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.