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The Most Instagrammed Yoga Poses

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If you’re planning to embark on a yoga journey this year, you might consider creating a custom calendar to track your progress and inspire you along the way.

Each month, you can showcase a different yoga pose, starting from beginner-friendly ones and gradually progressing to more advanced poses.

The calendar could highlight the mental and physical benefits associated with each pose, encouraging you to stay committed to your practice.

For instance, the Headstand/Sirsasana, being the most popular pose on Instagram, could grace the cover, reminding you of the strength and balance you aim to achieve.

New research released by Sports Shoes has revealed the most popular yoga poses on Instagram, analysing social data for over a 100 different yoga poses to determine the most ‘Insta-worthy’.

Renowned for both its mental and physical benefits, such as greater flexibility, reduced anxiety and improved mental wellbeing, many people are looking to take up yoga in 2021.

Searches for ‘beginners yoga’ in the UK are up by 49% YoY as people seek ways to help cope with the increasing uncertainty and anxiety induced in a post-pandemic world.

With this in mind, has analysed Instagram hashtags for 115 yoga poses, combining hashtags for their traditional Sanskrit names (ancient Indian language used by yogis) and common English names, to act as inspiration for those interested in taking up yoga in 2021 or those looking to strengthen their practice this year.

The research reveals that the Headstand/Sirsasana is the most popular pose to post on Instagram, amassing a massive 2.4 million hashtags on the social media platform. In second and third are Crow Pose/Bakasana and Tree Pose/Yrksasana, with 912K and 726K hashtags respectively.

The 10 Most Instagrammed Yoga Poses (based on number of hashtags)

  1. Headstand / Sirsasana – 2,460,154
  2. Crow Pose / Bakasana – 912,021
  3. Tree Pose / Vrksasana – 726,379
  4. Wheel Pose / Chakrasana – 624,197
  5. Downward Dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana – 543,321
  6. Camel Pose / Ustrasana – 518,770
  7. Corpse Pose / Savasana – 373,115
  8. Monkey Pose / Hanumanasana – 337,317
  9. Lotus Pose / Padmasana – 326,423
  10. Lord of Dancers Pose / Natarajasana – 298,155

Headstand / Sirsasana – 2,460,154 hashtags

Alongside being visually impressive, the Headstand is an advanced move which improves balance and focus, whilst strengthening the upper body.

Crow Pose / Bakasana – 912,021 hashtags

The Crow Pose is an intermediate pose which requires supreme arm and shoulder strength, as the entire body weight is tipped on to the arms. The move is highly beneficial for the spine and neck and it’s thought to improve digestion.  

Tree Pose / Vrksasana – 726,379 hashtags

This beginner’s pose is excellent for balance, as well as strengthening the ankles, knees and toe grip. The Tree pose is also beneficial for those with poor posture, helping to correct this.

Wheel Pose / Chakrasana – 624,197 hashtags

Considered an intermediate pose, the Wheel Pose is said to release pent-up emotions such as anger, whilst inducing happiness and a sense of wellbeing. The move is also fantastic for the reproductive, urinary and digestive systems.

Downward Dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana – 543,321 hashtags

Downward Dog is arguably one of the best-known yoga positions and is usually one of the first poses taught in beginner classes. It boasts improved hamstring and achilles flexibility, aids hip flexion and strengthens the wrists and ankles.

Camel Pose / Ustrasana – 518,770 hashtags

This intermediate pose aids those with a lack of concentration, whilst boosting balance by making the knees and back stronger.

Corpse Pose / Savasana – 373,115 hashtags

Considered to be one of the most meditative and relaxing yoga poses, corpse pose (commonly referred to as Savasana) is usually done at the end of a class when ‘Yoga Nidra’ takes place (the yogic state between sleep and wakefulness).

Monkey Pose / Hanumanasana – 337,317 hashtags

Most commonly referred to as the splits, the Monkey Pose is considered an intermediate pose in yoga, although it requires amazing flexibility in the groin and hips, so many may find this pose difficult.

Lotus Pose / Padmasana – 326,423 hashtags

The Lotus Pose is usually associated with meditation, although it is also its own yoga pose which is often incorporated into other poses such as the Lotus Headstand or Lotus Fish pose. The pose helps relieve back pain by stretching the lower body.

Lord of Dancers Pose / Natarajasana – 298,155 hashtags

This advanced pose requires balance, focus, flexibility and strength. The pose includes back bending and standing on one leg, which helps to strengthen the calf and ankle muscles.

Dan Cartner, Senior Marketing and E-Commerce Manager at commented: “Yoga is a fantastic holistic practice for the body, mind and spirit.

We wanted to look at which poses yogis are most proud of as a source of inspiration for fellow yogis and yoga newcomers alike.

One of the best things about yoga is the accessibility of the practice, there are plenty of free classes on YouTube and all you need is a mat to begin practicing.

Equally, there are a wide variety of yoga studios available worldwide, and most gyms now offer yoga classes.

We were glad to see the most popular Instagram poses included a combination of beginner and advanced poses, ranging from Downward Dog all the way to Headstands.”

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