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Getting Back Into The Spring Of Things – Spring Marathons

couple training with dumbells

The London marathon is typically held around April each year, however due to the coronavirus pandemic the last one was postponed.

Whilst you might have to wait until October this year to take part in the London Marathon, there are still plenty of other opportunities up and down the country to compete in.

So, if you’re trained and ready to go here are some of the events taking place up and down the country, as well as expert tips and advice on last minute preparation for a marathon from YouTube fitness expert, Lucy Wyndham-Read

Top YouTube fitness expert, Lucy Wyndham-Read has partnered with Nelsons® arnicare® arnica Cooling Gel to bring you some last minute tips and expert advice, so that you’re ready for the big day and in the best state of mind to give the ultimate performance.

Literally warm up before heading outdoors

Even though spring is here, early morning training can often mean you’re out in the crisp air or April showers.

Before layering up and heading outside, place your exercise clothes over a radiator (even your socks) for at least 5 minutes.

Make sure your final layer is bright and visible then you’ll feel warm from the inside out, as your clothes start to cool down and your body warms up during your workout. 

Catch some ZZZs

When it comes to race week you won’t be doing any strenuous workouts and you should have some more time available as a result of cutting back on running ahead of the big day.

Use this time wisely to get some valuable shut eye.

This will help to replenish your energy so that you’re ready to give your best performance.


You’re about to embark on the race of a lifetime so don’t get wrapped up in worry and concern about how it’s going to go.

Laughing and enjoying yourself in the run up to the race will help to keep nervousness under control.

Just think to yourself how great the sense of achievement will feel when you cross that finish line.

The final countdown

The morning before race day, invest in a 15-20 minute jog. This will help to ease tension and put you in a good state of mind ahead of the big day.

Remember to warm up and cool down thoroughly with a range of static stretches, held for no longer than 15 seconds to avoid lack of oxygen to the muscles being focused on.

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