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The AND/life App: A Personal Trainer In Your Pocket

AND life

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 11:28, 20 March 2020

Intimidated by restrictive diets, unrealistic workout plans or expensive personal trainers? Try the AND/life workout app, a wellness tool revolutionizing the fitness industry by making health goals approachable and achievable.

The AND/life App

The newly released app aims to teach even the busiest of people how to incorporate fitness routines and healthy habits into their lives.

Through customized workouts and meal plans that are tailored specifically to each user’s lifestyle preferences, the app helps users integrate smart, realistic changes that will reduce stress, create time, and help them achieve their goals.

Created by decades-long fitness expert and educator, Andrea Marcellus, the AND/life app is essentially a personal trainer in your pocket, as it helps users turn goals into life-changing, lasting habits.

An innovative approach to healthy living, this app places the importance on making healthy choices, rather than on fad diets and overused diet conventions, making it different from anything else on today’s market. Through the app,

Marcellus is able to provide her clientele with significant results by breaking stereotypical wellness and weight loss ‘rules’.

To complement the app, Marcellus has published The Way In: 5 Winning Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong and Lift Your Life. This “not-a-diet” book shares Marcellus’s unique, non-judgmental approach to health and fitness, one that is both physically and mentally transformative.

Her trademarked lifestyle formula instills in her readers the importance of building a foundation of confidence, upon which all goals can be set and dreams achieved. When used in conjunction with The Way In book, the AND/life app is the ultimate tool to get users to their end goal of health and happiness.

With the app launching nationally this month, Marcellus hopes to empower busy, driven people to maximize their lives through fitness and healthy habit building by providing them with the toolbox necessary to achieve their goals.