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Personal Trainers! Technogym Need You!!!

TechnogymPersonal Trainers

Are you a certified trainer and do you think to have the skills to become a presenter?

Then Technogym could be for you, the provider of cardio, strength and functional equipment are looking for a particular set of skills, ability to motivate and charisma from a select few PT’s.

Technogym Sessions are the new Technogym personal training: the user is guided by the trainer through the monitor of our cardio machines or through our app.

The first castings are open for native English, Spanish and Italian trainers. These are the necessary steps to apply:

• Make a video presentation with your smartphone

• Film one minute of different free body movements (burpees, squats, skipping, etc…).

• Conduct a short workout on any cardio equipment

• Download the guidelines and fill in the form on the site in the dedicated section ( 

Technogym Sessions represent a new interactive way to experience training. On the other hand, innovation has always been a distinctive element of Technogym’s DNA, starting with the “Wellness On the Go” strategy, launched in 2012, which saw the development of a seamless and integrated digital ecosystem consisting of smart equipment, mywellness cloud and applications, now present in 15 thousand fitness and wellness centres around the world.

TECHNOGYM recently presented the TECHNOGYM LIVE platform, able to offer individual or collective training experiences not only in the gym but also at home, at the hotel or in the office.

In continuing to pursue its mission of spreading wellness around the world, Technogym is looking for people with great talent and an international approach, eager to invest their energies, in tune with the culture promoted by the brand, made up of sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Technogym Founded in 1983

Technogym is a world leading international supplier of technology and design driven products and services in the Wellness and Fitness industry.

Technogym provides a complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment alongside a digital cloud- based platform allowing consumers to connect with their personal wellness experience anywhere, both on the equipment and via mobile when outdoors.

With over 2,300 employees and 14 branches globally, Technogym is present in over 100 countries. More than 80,000 Wellness centres and 300,000 private homes in the world are equipped with Technogym.

Technogym has been appointed Official Supplier to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for the eighth time, after Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Turin 2006, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016 and Pyeongchang 2018.