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Tally Rye’s Train Happy: An Intuitive Exercise Plan for Every Body

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Tally Rye is a Personal Trainer, Group Instructor and co-host of the BBC 5 Live Podcast ‘Fit and Fearless’.

For the past six years she has shared her thoughts, feelings and opinions about health and fitness online via her Instagram account @tallyrye and YouTube channel.

During that time she has embarked on a personal and professional evolution which has inspired the message of her debut book Train Happy.

For so long, health and fitness has been about pursuing the ‘dream’ body, but there are countless physical and mental benefits too.

Personal trainer and co-host of BBC 5 Live’s podcast Fit and Fearless, Tally Rye is a clear and refreshing voice of reason in the world of fitness, encouraging us all to approach exercise with a mindset of self-care rather than the traditional self-punishment narrative.

In Train Happy, Tally combines her expertise with personal experience to help us ditch diet culture and navigate our path to a more holistic approach to body image.

Tally believes that the biggest motivating factor in life is happiness – and that when approached with a health gain mindset, exercise can be (one of) many contributors to a more positive life.

Discover the wonderful physical and mental benefits of regular activity through Tally’s 10-week training plan.

The plan is designed to slot into your life in a sustainable and flexible way, providing resistance workouts, bodyweight workouts and weekly challenges to keep mixing it up which can all be done in the comfort of your own home, or the gym.

‘Train Happy: An intuitive exercise plan for every body’ publishes on 9th January 2020. RRP £14.99