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Sleep Experts Reveal Mattress To Help Improve Sleep During The Menopause

silent night Large-Eco Comfort Breathe _Mattress 6

Sleep experts at Silentnight are looking to recruit menopausal and perimenopausal women to test a mattress which has been designed to promote a better night’s sleep during menopause.

The UK’s most trusted sleep brand commissioned a recent survey which found that women lose an average of five and a half weeks per year due to menopausal symptoms, which adds up to around 22 weeks of lost sleep during the average woman’s menopausal cycle.

If you are one of the 90% of women who are experiencing sleep issues during menopause, then Silentnight wants to hear from you.

The brand is looking to recruit five menopausal or perimenopausal women to test out its innovative Eco Comfort Breathe mattress, which has a patented microclimate system which is scientifically proven to keep the sleeper cooler – with each recruit receiving a mattress in their preferred size and firmness level and a £200 cash prize for taking part.

Chosen testers will be expected to test the mattress for three to four weeks and will be contacted by Silentnight to share their feedback.

Hannah Shore, Sleep Knowledge and Research Manager at Silentnight said:  “As part of Silentnight’s mission to change how people sleep for the better, we want to gain a clearer understanding of how our products can be used to support people at varying stages and needs of their life, such as the menopause.

“We’ve specifically designed products to help you get the rest you deserve and our panel of testers will ensure we continue to be on hand to help those dealing with poor sleep quality.”

To apply to test the Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe Mattress head to and fill out a short form, applications close 1st November at 23:59.

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