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SHREDDY To Push Users To Their Ultimate Fitness Limits

shreddy fitness model flexes arm

Award-winning women’s fitness app SHREDDY, promises users epic results with the brand-new SHREDDY30 in 30. The new guide takes just 30 minutes per day from starting the warm-up to racking the weights – perfect for those with busy schedules. 

Expert SHREDDY trainers have devised dynamic, high-intensity circuit workouts to deliver scientifically proven results. 

The SHREDDY30 circuits aim to hold the heart rate at around 70% of an individual’s MAX for 20 minutes, the optimum rate for improving your aerobic threshold & building muscular endurance. 

Research suggests 75 minutes a week of vigorous exercise to improve your fitness levels (1). With a SHREDDY30 in 30 sessions 4 times a week, users will see their fitness skyrocket. The brand-new guide has 4 sessions per week for individuals looking to push themselves even further. 

For those with hectic schedules, the SHREDDY30 in 30 guide is ideal to use the time they do have effectively, and focusing on building strength and endurance. 

SHREDDY has already helped over 500,000 women transform their lives through their holistic health app, sustainable workout gear and plant-based supplements