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Home Fitness Franchise ‘Send Me A Trainer’ Expands Internationally To The UK

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Send Me A Trainer announces that it has awarded its first Franchise in the United Kingdom. Send Me A Trainer is the first in-home and live online personal training on-demand franchise that is redefining the fitness franchising industry.

Fitness Market Segmentation analysis indicating the $10 Billion boom in the home fitness industry due to COVID-19. Consumers are also increasingly looking for more accountability and customized fitness programs which is the largest growth segment.

Send Me A Trainer Founders Bary El-Yacoubi and Muhssin El-Yacoubi Awarding First International Franchise in the United Kingdom Over Video Conference.

During 2020, in its first year of franchising and during COVID-19, Send Me A Trainer quickly expanded and witnessed a huge increase in demand for its franchise model.

In total, 10 territories were awarded across the United States with dozens of applications still under review. It also awarded its first franchise in the United Kingdom and has received multiple requests for Master Franchise opportunities in other countries.

Send Me A Trainer was also featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, listed in the top 100 Fitness Franchises by Franchise Connect Magazine, and featured in Authority Magazine as disruptors in the fitness industry.

“The data around the huge boom in home fitness is staggering,” says Muhssin El-Yacoubi, Co-Founder of Send Me A Trainer.

“Industry experts indicate that the Total Addressable Market of the home fitness industry has increased by $10 Billion annually due to COVID-19 driving consumers away from fitness clubs.

Also, monthly Google search volume for “at home fitness” is up over 3x compared to pre pandemic levels. This is causing a huge demand increase for Send Me A Trainer and home fitness solutions that offer the convenience of working out from home.”

“Home fitness was already popular in recent years and COVID-19 has only accelerated this trend and it is here to stay,” says Bary El-Yacoubi, Co-Founder of Send Me A Trainer.

“Our clients have the option to train one-on-one in-person, or live online face-to-face from the convenience and safety of their homes.

In-home personal training is available in markets where we have a franchise partner and live online personal training is available nationwide in the US and will be available in the UK soon.

Demand for live online one-on-one personal training has skyrocketed and this has allowed us to scale up faster and serve clients nationwide.”

“Consumers are also increasingly looking for more accountability and customization in their workouts and the market is rapidly shifting in this direction,” says Bary El-Yacoubi, Co-Founder of Send Me A Trainer.

“Send Me A Trainer provides its clients with a high level of customized programs and accountability beyond what is possible by connected exercise equipment and video streaming services.

Think about all those people that used to hire a personal trainer at the gym that are looking for customized programs and the personal accountability of a trainer. Where are they going? That’s where we fit in.”

Now those looking to take part in the booming home fitness industry can do so by opening a Send Me A Trainer franchise, a leading brand that has over a decade of experience in the in-home personal training industry with proprietary technology.

“Our franchises are attracted to our technology driven, home based business model with low overhead and no physical location required,” says Muhssin El-Yacoubi, Co-Founder of Send Me A Trainer.

“The modern business owner can now own a technology enabled on-demand business as a franchise. Our technology automates operations of the business, so franchise owners don’t get caught up in tedious things like payroll. It’s changing the entire concept of business ownership in the franchise world.”

We are thrilled to be expanding Send Me A Trainer into the United Kingdom with our Master Franchise Partners and making this convenient and timely service available in the UK. Our first franchise is in Glasgow and is expected to launch in a few months.

Send Me A Trainer is also currently expanding internationally through Master Franchise partnerships. Master Franchisees award and oversee Send Me A Trainer franchises in their country.

In the current environment with high unemployment, many people look to franchising to start their own business as an attractive career move.

The same trend occurred after the financial crisis in 2008 where the industry witnessed a spike in new franchises opening.

Given the sensitivity today around brick-and-mortar business, those looking to start a franchise now are primarily interested in home-based businesses with lean overhead models.

This means that about 75% of all franchise concepts (that are brick-and-mortar), are essentially not relevant and all the attention is on the remaining 25%, which is part of.

Becoming a Send Me A Trainer Master Franchise partner offers an opportunity to participate in the boom in home fitness at scale.

To learn more about Franchise and Master Franchise opportunities with Send Me A Trainer and to apply, visit: