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Freeze The Fear With Seaham Hall’s XHayle Wellness Partnership


Five-star luxury hotel, Seaham Hall has announced a new partnership with wellness business, XHayle to bring The Wim Hof Method – the fitness trend sweeping the world – to its award-winning Serenity Spa.

Dedicated to innovation, the historic Georgian country manor on Durham’s glorious heritage coast has worked closely with its award-winning spa – which scooped the top prize for Hotel Spa of the Year: Western Europe & Scandinavia in the 2022 World Spa & Wellness Awards and Best Spa for Innovation in the Good Spa Guide 2022 – to find new ways to promote wellness from within, rolling out several holistic treatments in recent years including hypnotherapy, Mind Calm and sleep enhancement therapies.   

The Wim Hof Method, taught by Breathwork and Cold Exposure Instructor Hayley Dorian, is designed to provide increased energy, better sleep, reduced stress levels, heightened focus, increased willpower and a stronger immune system through three key principles – breathwork, the cold, and mindset.

Hayley Dorian, who trained with Wim Hof, the Iceman himself, will give guests the opportunity to discover the Wim Hof Method first-hand in dedicated workshops, finding out how they can utilise oxygen and cold exposure to optimise body and mind.

Speaking about the new partnership and workshop series, Seaham Hall’s Spa Manager, Amanda Jennings says:

“At Seaham Hall, we truly believe that a more holistic approach to treatments will continue to be a big trend in the spa and wellness industry.

In line with this, we’re looking to further build on our existing portfolio, working with exciting new partners, such as XHayle, and also, introducing new therapies, such as breathwork and sound therapy.

“To celebrate the Serenity Spa’s 20th anniversary this year, together with exploring more holistic practices (whether medicinal or technology-driven), we are developing the spa and creating new spaces for more immersive experiences.”

In the new workshops, Hayley will teach guests how a simple shift in the mind, combined with consciousness-altering breathwork can enable them to experience the powerful effects of the cold, which includes improved metabolic function, reduced inflammation, strengthening of the immune system, increased energy levels, improved circulation, and improved mood.

Hayley Dorian adds: “Very few people like being cold and so the idea of submerging your body in temperatures as low as zero degrees might not appeal to most of us.

So, imagine what it’s like to discover that the thing you feared was the thing that made you feel so good and buzzing with life? This is exactly what cold water does, and probably the reason why so many people who try it once, continue to do so daily!”

Each workshop will include a two-hour guided session focusing on breathing techniques and teaching the benefits of cold-water exposure, a light, plant-based lunch served in the Serenity Spa’s Ozone restaurant, followed by an afternoon cold water experience, using the Serenity Spa’s icy plunge pool for up to two minutes per person. The sessions cost £155 pp and include up to 12 people.

Current dates available:

  • Sunday 9 October 2022
  • Sunday 11 December 2022

Workshop dates for 2023 to follow. To find out more about the new workshops, or to book, visit