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Runna Introduces First Of Its Kind Treadmill Connectivity Feature

runners compete at runna event

Runna, the #1 rated running app on the app store that delivers customised running plans utilising reactive smart technology, has launched its new treadmill integration feature.

Scheduled to go live in August, the Runna Treadmill Integration is the first of its kind and will allow users to seamlessly connect their app with their treadmill via Bluetooth, revolutionising the indoor running experience.

With this integration, Runna will automatically adjust paces and inclines based on the user’s movements, providing a personalised and immersive workout tailored to their abilities and goals.

The integration comes in response to a resounding demand from Runna’s customer base. Perfectly timed for the autumn season with daylight quickly diminishing, this cutting-edge addition allows users to maintain their running routine indoors.

With live workout statistics and metrics recorded, runners can effortlessly track their progress, while the app’s audio cues provide real-time updates to keep them motivated throughout their indoor workouts.

Ben Parker, Co-Founder and Head Coach at Runna comments: “At Runna, our aim has always been to provide the best training solutions for our users, and the introduction of the treadmill integration feature is a significant step towards achieving that goal.

This feature not only enhances performance by offering personalised workouts and statistics, but it also provides accessibility, and builds a strong community, allowing our users to train effectively all year round, regardless of weather conditions or location.”

Dom Maskell, Co-Founder at Runna says: “I am incredibly proud that we are the first running app to introduce this personalised treadmill integration feature, positioning us as pioneers in the industry.

This groundbreaking feature not only sets us apart from our competition, but also provides a unique selling point that will attract new users, and solidify our position as leaders in the running app market.”

The treadmill integration feature is available on all current training plans by simply selecting a treadmill run and connecting via Bluetooth; the treadmill then takes care of the rest.

The Runna Treadmill Integration is compatible with a selection of treadmills, including Horizon, Xterram NoblePro, Spirit and BH, with more to come.

Additionally, the treadmill feature can be used without Bluetooth connectivity. The Runna app will intelligently adjust to a treadmill workout, and the user will manually tune the various speeds and inclines. 

How it works:

  • Runner user selects the workout they would like to complete
  • Chooses the ‘Treadmill Run’ option
  • Connects to a compatible Bluetooth treadmill
  • Presses start to begin the workout and the rest is taken care of
  • Paces/inclines are set automatically and will change/update between workout steps
  • Users can adjust speed/incline manually from the Runna app or the treadmill itself
  • Runna guides you through your workout with audio cues to keep you updated on your progress
  • Live workout statistics/metrics recorded and displayed through the Runna app
  • There are built-in safety features to ensure maximum security, using sensors that can track whether the safety cord is being pulled, or if the user is in any harm

Runna is available to download via the app store and with plans priced at £15.99 / $15.99 per month