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Revamp Your Wellbeing with Renowned UK Fitness Trainer Roger Snipes

roger snipes

Think building your perfect physique is impossible without using performance-enhancing drugs? Think again. 

‘Your Mind Builds Your Body’ is an exercise book for a total, natural transformation in body and mindset for life, enhancing your confidence and improving your sleep.

Roger Snipes — fitness influencer and podcaster with an online following of over 850K+ people—was able to achieve physical perfection without ever touching performance-enhancing drugs.

In his new book, Your Mind Builds Your Body, he shares the exact methods for how he did it. 

Fad diets have been proven to have no longevity and have a negative impact on mental wellbeing.

In this book, Roger Snipes helps readers to build a plan that is sustainable long-term; in other words, it is aimed at getting you in the best shape of your life while changing your mindset about fitness forever. 

Your Mind Builds Your Body provides specialized workouts, nutritional advice and meal-planning guidance, for not only a total body transformation focused on muscle building but also a mindset transformation, enhancing your confidence and improving sleep. 

And also with Biohacking hot in wellness right now. Roger shares his advice on biohacking tools that work, which are all based on his personal experience. 

Roger has shown the bodybuilding world what can be achieved when goals are made with a passion to succeed, now it’s YOUR turn.

Using his practical advice and biohacking tools, you can optimize your health and strength at any age. 

Read our interview with Roger here and to grab your copy of this enlightening book head over to Amazon here: