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RENPHO Introduces Its Revolutionary AI-Powered Bike With Auto-Resistance

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Smart Health and fitness experts and the number one seller of smart scales worldwide, RENPHO, is today pleased to announce the launch of the RENPHO indoor AI Exercise bike with FTP customised workouts and subscription free AI gym App.

The new AI-Powered Bike is available from Amazon and the US and UK RENPHO website for £699.99/$699.99 with current discounts available of up to £100/$140 off.

The RENPHO AI Powered Bike, which is suitable for ages 15 to 70 at any fitness level, provides truly personalized workouts which are tailored to the users biometric data.

These programmes can automatically change the resistance based on the user’s level, power output, goals, and cadence to get the best results possible, allowing them to progress quickly with weekly training programs.

The free accompanying AI Gym app allows users to instantly connect to the AI Bike to track individual progress directly via a tablet or smart phone.

Over 70 free classes are included and 5 different training modes. These include professional coach video classes, HD Scenic Rides, and Riding challenges where riders can participate alongside other users.

Whether looking for a sweat-inducing fat burn session, steep hills that will give an intense leg pump, fast speeds for a thrilling cardio burst, or a leisurely scenic ride; this indoor exercise bike can do it all.

Complete with Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Training for Beginner, Fat Burn, Endurance and Muscle Strength with automated resistance changes, based on cadence and other biometric data, the AI tech algorithmically calibrates workouts so riders can achieve fitness goals based on their FTP training zones.

Riders will train with real-time power, cadence, time, calorie, and heart rate (Apple Watch & ANT+ heart rate monitors connected) to understand and optimise their effort during cycling workouts.

Video Coaching is also included on the AI App which allows riders to follow along with Les Milles professional trainers as they lead them through a wide variety of premium classes. Additionally, scenic rides alongside other users is also possible, where RENPHO’s virtual trails can be explored and experience unique travel destinations on without leaving home.

Unlike the average electromagnetic resistance technologies, RENPHO uses Smart Motor Damping Resistance, a reverse-engineered electric vehicle technology. The result is truly precise resistance that can adjust smoothly and smartly for a highly effective workout session.

Featuring a knob-style, 80-step fluid digitally-controlled resistance system, the auto-follow resistance will work with all classes on the AI Gym app because it is controlled by the target metrics displayed on the users rides. The digital knob can also be used to manually control other functions such as cadence.

The AI Bike has a freewheel design that lets riders coast along smoothly as if they are riding on a  traditional outdoor bicycle and safety is ensured with enclosed wheels and a smooth freewheel design.  Standard pedal mount/fitment/threads are fitted but can be replaced with toe cages or Look Deltas based on riding preference.

The RENPHO AI-Powered Bike comes with a premium seat saddle that provides extra comfort with its ergonomic design and memory foam padding (10.5” L x 8” W x 3” H).

The saddle height and saddle distance can be incrementally adjusted to maximise comfort and offer a personalised fit for riders of all sizes. (Fore/aft and up/down).

For ease of when moving the bike, front-end wheels allow for easy relocation, while stabiliser feet eliminate shaking.

The bike will also connect with popular cycling apps such as Zwift, Peloton (iOS only), Kinomap, FulGaz, XERT, and more, allowing riders to  sweat it out together with hundreds and thousands of the professional bikers by competing with the Zwift community (some may require a separate subscription).

The AI Gym app allows users to pair their Apple Watch with the Bike to use as a heart rate monitor, where the real-time heart rate can be used to understand and optimize the cadence during cycling workouts.

Other compatible ANT+ heart rate monitors include Polar H10, Wahoo TICKR, SCOSCHE R+2.0, CooSpo 808S, MOOFIT HR6, and more. The app also syncs with Apple Health/Google Fit, allowing riders to track their statistics easily.

To charge a tablet or smartphone whilst in use the AI bike also includes a  built-in USB charging port at the bottom front of the handlebar to ensure the ride only stops when the rider wants it to!

The RENPHO AI-Powered Bike is available from Amazon and the US and UK RENPHO website for £699.99/$699.99 with current discounts available of up to £100/$140 off.