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Calculator Tells You How Many Poops You’ll Have to Produce to Use Up Your Coronavirus Toilet Paper stock

toilet roll

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 11:28, 24 March 2020

The Poop Tool has been created to show people how much s**t they’ll have to produce to use up their Coronavirus (COVID-19) toilet paper stock.

In light of the unprecedented Covid-19 situation, the global outbreak has led to uncontrolled panic buying, especially when it comes to the toilet paper.

The main purpose of this tool is to help people realise that they have way more toilet paper than they actually need to survive the quarantine.

The calculator has 3 main features:

  1. Status is given to you based on your current toilet paper stock

  2. Estimated kilograms of poop that has to be produced to use up your current stock of toilet paper

  3. The number of days you will last with your current stock

The calculator features intuitive sliders, visual aids and real-time results.