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pliability Integrates With WHOOP

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Mobility and recovery app pliability, who recently rebranded from ROMWOD, announce they are integrating with WHOOP, the human performance company.

WHOOP offers a wearable health and fitness coach that provides actionable recommendations across recovery, sleep, training, and health. 

WHOOP members who use pliability will now have access to tailored mobility routines based on their physiological data, including personalised recovery strain metrics.

This integration will enable users to enhance their performance and recovery through valuable insights and proactive intervention to improve health metrics over time. pliability and WHOOP share an aligned mission to help people achieve lasting performance and health. 

Scott Perkins, Founder of pliability comments, “We have always stressed that pliability be built with the strongest possible technical foundation.

WHOOP is a business I have always respected for the innovation and rigour they have shown in developing one of the most impressive tech stacks on the planet today.

We purposefully don’t seek out integrations for the sake of it, but this is deeply complementary and will enhance the user experience for both parties, incorporating mobility and recovery in a smart connected fashion.”

Alexi Coffey, VP of Product at WHOOP, added, “WHOOP has launched a Developer Platform designed to allow other leading apps to integrate with our technology and deliver personalised coaching to our members.

As a result of this integration with pliability, we are creating even more ways for people to improve their holistic health and tap into new recovery modalities.”

How It Works:

pliability integrates with WHOOP by pulling data from the key WHOOP metrics – recovery, sleep performance, strain, hours of sleep, sleep needed heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), and respiratory rate. 

Each day, pliability identifies the most significant change in a user’s WHOOP metrics. That change in data is then matched with curated pliability content that will have the biggest impact on improving the flagged WHOOP metric.

Suggestions include routines with a focus on breathwork, longer routines to improve recovery, and mindfulness routines to down-regulate the sympathetic nervous system.

For example, if you wake up with a poor WHOOP recovery score, pliability will suggest tailored mobility routines that will help you recover that day.

pliability can also detect a high heart rate before bedtime and will suggest a pliability routine with a focus on breathwork to help you downregulate before the end of the night.

When your overall day strain is higher than your optimal strain (the targeted strain level for that day based on recovery from the previous day), pliability is able to identify the activities performed (be it running, swimming, cycling, functional fitness), the primary regions of the body taxed during that activity, and then match routines with a similar target area focus to enhance recovery.

This is currently just the first version of the WHOOP and pliability integration, and the logic and personalised recommendations will continue to evolve over time to maximise users’ experience and performance.

To tap into this new feature, WHOOP members can try pliability free for 7 days.