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pliability Launches NEW Back Pain Mobility Path

CrossFit athlete, Laura Horvath

Advanced mobility app pliability launches its newest path: Back Pain – backed by CrossFit athleteLaura Horvath

This pathway combines passive holds with corrective movements to help bring mobility, flexibility, and stability to the back and areas around it. This pathway will be challenging and educational, teaching you the proper form and technique of each movement. 

“We at pliability are very excited to launch the Back Pain Pathway”, says Cody Mooney, pliability’s Director of Performance. 

“Our goal when curating this pathway was to help reduce tightness and aggravation in the back region by strengthening and releasing surrounding muscles and areas that may negatively affect the back.

As always, we aim to help others move freely and comfortably through life and whatever that may bring them. We hope this pathway is another step closer to our belief that movement is freedom.”

Designed to be used as a basic component of any training plan, pliability’s on-demand, science-backed routines for stretching, breathing, and mindfulness are designed to enhance active lifestyles, to unlock the body, and to allow you to move freely.


Laura Horvath says“Mobility is a non-negotiable part of my training. I use pliability daily to reap the recovery benefits for both my body and mind.

I’m excited about pliability’s new Back Pain path as it’s a common problem area for most people – whether you’re an athlete or not, practising daily mobility to prevent back injury, reduce pain and improve strength should be a key part of everyone’s training and daily routines.”