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Returning To Physical Activity After Groin Pain Injury

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Groin pain is common in those who play sports that require multi-directional, rapid acceleration or high loading activities using the lower abdominal and deep groin muscles. These injuries can be challenging because there is a high level of reaggravation when the athlete attempts to return to sport.

Many athletes with groin pains can easily cause strains or long-term injuries. Here, Perfect Stride detail how to analyse groin pain and what exercises to do to avoid injury:

Pubic related groin pain – Frequent activity can demand a lot of the muscles around the pubic area. Pain in that area may suggest a reactive tendon, in which treatment should mainly consist of load management followed by a gradual reloading after one week:

▪ Couch Stretch – 2-3 sets x 2 mins holds per side

▪ Prone Hip Extension Holds – 10 reps x 30-second holds per side

▪ Quadruped Hip Extension Holds – 10 reps x 30 second holds per side

▪ Standing Eccentric Hip Flexion – 3 sets of 10 repetitions per side

Adductor-related Groin Pain – For adductor-related pain found on the inside of the thigh, exercises that are useful in the early stages of rehabilitation are ones that load the adductor region with low irritability.

When performing isometrics, you do not need to be pain-free during the exercise but there must not be too great a pain as this may increase the likelihood of a flare-up:

▪ Seated Adductor Arm Squeeze – 10 reps of 30-second holds per side

▪ Copenhagen Planks Straight Leg with Lower Leg Assist – 10 reps of 30-second holds per side

▪ Copenhagen Planks Straight Leg – 10 reps of 30-second holds per side

▪ Copenhagen Planks Straight Leg with Contralateral Hip Flexion – 10 reps of 30-second holds per side


Born out of frustrations with the physical therapy industry, Perfect Stride felt inspired to offer more to patients who have been subject to injury. Unlike other clinics who tend to generalise patient’s issues and offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Perfect Stride use evidence based, individual-specific services to approach each case with a fresh eye.

By using their extensive education and experience, the clinic prides itself on giving patients thorough one-on-one consultations with specialist doctors to understand each patient’s needs individually. Every session is then tailored specifically to the patient to provide the care and attention the client deserves and ensure optimum results.

Equipped with a team of experienced and results driven Doctors of Physical Therapy, the clinic offers a wide range of treatments and services to meet your needs. They specialize in rehabilitation, run coaching, gait analysis, ergonomic assessments, personal training and performance enhancement.