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Gait Analysis Could Help Perfect Your Running Technique

Perfecting Your Running Technique

The way in which we run is just as important as how much we run. Assessing the way in which we exercise is important, as missing crucial imbalances in our running and walking patterns can lead to injuries that come back to bite us in the future. 

Using wearable motion sensor technology alongside video motion analysis software, gait analysis is key to achieving your body’s peak potential. Perfect Stride, experts in assessing how we exercise, give 5 reasons why gait analysis is essential for runners: 

Perfecting Your Running Techniques

1. Reducing injury risk – Gait deviations occur when we don’t pay attention to the way in which we run. When running we put forces that are 2-3 times our body weight into our body. Injuries may not manifest initially but for many they appear deep into your training cycle. 

2. Run more efficiently–The better your form, the further you will find your running takes you. After analysing your biomechanics, gait alterations are made to improve you running economy, you feel more at ease while running faster! 

3. Run faster –Fixing gait imbalances, improving mobility and building strength can lead to significant increase in running economy therefore you will see yourself running faster than you thought you could. 

4. Understanding of your movement capabilities – It’s amazing how much we don’t know about our own bodies, but with a gait analysis we can assess our own movement capabilities and come to understand our faults and potential. 

5. Strengthen the supporting muscles –Using the information obtained from a gait analysis, we can prescribe specific exercises in a way that supports one’s individual deficits and thus builds a better runner. 


Born out of frustrations with the physical therapy industry, Perfect Stride felt inspired to offer more to patients who have been subject to 

injury. Unlike other clinics that tend to generalise patient issues and offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Perfect Stride use evidence based, individual-specific services to approach each case with a fresh eye. 

By using their extensive education and experience, the clinic prides itself on giving patients thorough one-on-one consultations with specialist doctors to understand each patient’s needs individually. Every session is then tailored specifically to the patient to provide the care and attention the client deserves and ensure optimum results. 

Equipped with a team of experienced and results-driven Doctors of Physical Therapy, the clinic offers a wide range of treatments and services to meet your needs. They specialize in rehabilitation, run coaching, gait analysis, ergonomic assessments, personal training and performance enhancement.