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Parkinson’s UK Awards Grant For Online Physical Activity Provider

neuro heroes

Parkinson’s UK has awarded a new physical activity grant to Neuro Heroes, an online physical activity provider for people with neurological conditions. 

Neuro Heroes provide physiotherapist-led classes which can help people living with conditions such as Parkinson’s to improve their wellbeing and stay active.

The online sessions are designed to target specific symptoms and help people improve their balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. 

Neuro Heroes will use the grant funding to subsidise the first six activity classes for people with Parkinson’s who would otherwise be unable to attend.

It is hoped that the online classes will provide more opportunities for people living with Parkinson’s to take part in physical activity sessions. The new programme will be known as the Neuro Heroes Community Exercise Fund. 

Anyone with Parkinson’s claiming Universal Credit or Pension Credit can sign up for the six subsidised classes by completing a Community Exercise Fund application form on the Neuro Heroes website. 

Healthcare professionals who work with people living with the condition that are unable to afford sessions but are not on Universal Credit are encouraged to contact Neuro Heroes to discuss an application. 

Neuro Heroes’ specialist coaches offer a range of high-energy online activities for people with neurological conditions, including multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s. Participants can workout in small online groups, with instructors tailoring exercises for specific symptoms or problem areas while providing real-time feedback on a person’s progress. 

This partnership is part of Parkinson’s UK’s physical activity grants programme, which is supporting more than 80 new projects across the UK.

The grants will enable people with the condition to try sports such as table tennis, boxing, walking football and golf, helping them to stay active, manage their symptoms and live well with the condition. 

Tim Morton, Physical Activity Programme Manager for Parkinson’s UK, said: 

“We are delighted to be working with Neuro Heroes and we hope that the new grant funding will allow more people with Parkinson’s to try something new and stay active. 

Neuro Heroes offers an innovative programme of online physical activity courses for the Parkinson’s community and for people with neurological conditions. The grant funding represents a fantastic opportunity for more people to get involved and begin their physical activity journey.

Being active is so important for people with Parkinson’s as it can help manage symptoms, maintain health and lift your mood. It can make you feel good inside and out. The more physically active you are, the easier it is to live well with Parkinson’s.”

Anna Kharin and Laura Douglas, Principal Physiotherapists at Neuro Heroes, said:

“Neuro Heroes is delighted to be partnering with Parkinson’s UK for this exciting new project to subsidise classes for people with Parkinson’s who couldn’t otherwise attend. Regular activity is proven to help people manage their symptoms and live well. 

Neuro Heroes online classes offer positive, empowering, energetic and supportive group workouts with the expertise of a neuro physio to help people get the benefits of keeping active. The more people we can help to stay active, the better.”