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These Things Make You Officially Ancient According To Gen Z Brits

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Do you order a cappuccino? Are you still on facebook? Is your underwear from m&s? and do you ask for “milk and two sugars” in your tea? then you are officially over the hill, according to new research

Researchers polled 2,000 adults under the age of 30, to reveal a definitive list of traits that suggest you are officially ANCIENT, with 19 percent of Gen Z Brits agreeing that as soon as you become obsessed with bin day, it is game over for your youth.

Groaning when you sit down (22 percent), turning the music down while you park the car (15 percent) and using hash tags incorrectly (13 percent) were also among the signs that you are officially past it.

Yet, according to the survey, ordering a Cappuccino is the NUMBER ONE sign that you are officially uncool, with 52 percent of young Brits agreeing only an old person would do this.

Insisting on wearing comfortable shoes (22 percent), being unable to recognise Love Island contestants (21 percent) and asking for “milk and two sugars” in your cup of tea (30 percent) also featured in the final list of 25 signs you are past it, as did asking for a “Rachel Cut” at the hairdressers (26 percent).

Still owning a gas BBQ (18 percent), having a DVD collection (17 percent) preferring headphones with a cord (11 percent) and moving from Radio 1 to Radio 2 were also signs that you are past your peak.

In fact, according to the survey by insights agency Perspectus Global, 45 is the age you are officially over the hill.

The study also revealed the ages when certain activities should be actively discouraged, with the study suggesting that 42 is the age when we should hang up our dancing shoes and avoid going clubbing again.

And “lads” or “girls” nights out on the town should really be wound down by the time you have celebrated your 45th birthday, according to the poll.

Ellie Glason from Perspectus Global, who commissioned the survey said, “Our latest research suggests that the cappuccino could soon be a thing of the past, along with Facebook, M&S underwear and asking for milk and two sugars in your tea.

“The survey also suggests Gen Z’s reckon anyone over the age of 42 should not go clubbing.

“But with night life set to reopen this summer, we say you are never too old to hit the dance floor”.

According to the study, no-one over the age of 51 should be wearing jeans, while wannabe skateboarders should retire their wheels at the age of 38 and anyone over the age of 41 should not be seen dead on a scooter.

Anyone over 45 should never darken the door of a tattoo parlour, while 54 percent of those polled said there was something a little bit sad and cringeworthy about older Brits trying to be “down with the kids”.


  1. You order a Cappuccino – 52 percent
  2. Your underwear is from M&S – 36 percent
  3. You watch Countryfile for the weather forecast at the end – 30 percent
  4. You ask for “milk and two sugars” in your tea – 30 percent
  5. You still have a DVD collection – 29 percent
  6. You ask for a “Rachel Cut” at the hairdressers – 26 percent
  7. You say “funky” – 26 percent
  8. You still send cheques for people’s birthdays – 24 percent
  9. You call trainers “sneakers” – 22 percent
  10. You make noises when you sit down – 22 percent
  11. You wear comfortable shoes – 22 percent
  12. You do not recognise any Love Island contestants – 21 percent
  13. You struggle to work your TV remote – 20 percent
  14. You plan a second route on a car journey just in case – 19 percent
  15. You become obsessed with bin day – 19 percent
  16. You move from BBC Radio 1 to Radio 2 – 19 percent
  17. You still use a gas BBQ – 18 percent
  18. You turn the music down when you park the car – 15 percent
  19. You have never posted a video to social media – 15 percent
  20. You do not know what a Youtuber is – 15 percent
  21. You use hashtags incorrectly – 13 percent
  22. You are still on Facebook – 13 percent
  23. You worry about not being able to find a parking space – 12 percent
  24. You ask for your steak well done – 12 percent
  25. You add salt to your food before tasting it – 11 percent