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Brit Super Runner Nick Butter To Run His Favourite Marathon In The World

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Brit super runner Nick Butter, the first person in history to complete a marathon in each of the world’s 196 countries, has announced he will run this year’s Sierra Leone marathon.

The record-breaker will run his favourite marathon in the world to celebrate global charity Street Child’s tenth anniversary of the event.

Nick is best known as the first person in history to run a marathon in each of the world’s 196 countries, which he did over 674 days from 2018 to 2019.

Over the course of that mammoth challenge, he ran in temperatures that exceeded 40C and fell below 20C, around an erupting volcano and through a forest swarming with frogs. He recounted his experiences in a book, Running the World.

Nick, who has run just shy of 1000 marathons, was shot at, mugged and suffered a minor heart attack whilst running around the 196 countries but there is one marathon that he regards as very special, the Sierra Leone Marathon, which he first ran in 2016. 

In June 2022 Nick will run the Sierra Leone marathon on the event’s 10th anniversary and on his participation at the race said: “I’ve run a marathon in every country in the world but the Sierra Leone Marathon is my favourite.

Sierra Leone is a special place. Desperately poor, and yet those without often give everything they have to support strangers. With the Street Child marathon, you can’t fail to see the true country.

All the good and all the need. The smiles and joy I experienced from many of the locals will stay with me forever.”

Amid searing temperatures, runners wind through tropical jungle and traditional villages while raising money for Street Child which works to ensure children are safe, in school and learning in low resource environments and emergencies such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Cameroon and Bangladesh.

The racing adventure finishes back at Wusum stadium in Makeni to a hand-carved medal and a cold beer.

Street Child CEO and founder Tom Dannatt said: “For those still undecided about running the Sierra Leone marathon this year, Nick has run a marathon in 196 countries and this is still his favourite, need I say any more?

We are thrilled to have Nick running with us in Makeni and can’t wait to pick his brains on how to handle the high temperatures and humidity.”

Fellow runners have the opportunity to win a place to run alongside Nick in Sierra Leone, further details of the competition will be announced on @streetchilduk and @nickbutterun Instagram on January 10. Please follow both Instagram accounts to be able to enter.

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