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Nutritional Nostalgia As MyProtein Launches Five New Limited Edition Swizzels Flavoured Products

MyP ClearWhey Tub Drumstick WB

As part of its 16th birthday celebration, Myprotein has teamed up with legendary sweets inventors Swizzels to create an industry-leading range of innovative sweet treats.

Launching as of today (24th May), this is certainly to become one of Myprotein’s best-sellers.

Clear Whey Isolate in limited edition Refreshers, Love Hearts, Drumstick and the love-them-or-hate-them Parma Violet flavours, with each serving still delivering 20g of protein, low sugar and less than 90 calories.

Plus, a brand new Drumstick flavour Layered Bar will also be available while stocks last, with the layers of protein taking on the iconic red and yellow colours and flavours.

All without compromising on the nutritionals, each bar contains 20g of protein with only 3g of sugar.

The retro range perfectly combines the unmistakable flavours from Swizzels favourites and Myprotein’s top-sellers to that will take you back to your childhood.

For early access –