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Join the Remedy Pilates & Barre Community and Move for Confidence – a Body Positivity Fitness Event in Scottsdale

Remedy Pilates Barre

Movemeant Foundation, a non-profit organisation, and Remedy Pilates & Barre, a locally owned Pilates and fitness studio, are bringing back an empowering body-positive fundraising event, “Move for Confidence,” to Scottsdale on Saturday, March 26 at 8 am.

Empowering women to use fitness as a way to find self-confidence, self-esteem and positive body image, Participants raise money while moving through a 90-minute, inspiring, high-energy group fitness class incorporating Pilates, Barre, MixxedFit, HIIT and Yoga. Attendees are encouraged to ‘shed their shirt’ and participate in their Move for Confidence custom sports bras to demonstrate to women of all ages, particularly young girls, that all body types are strong and should be celebrated.

“There are very few women who can say they were born with confidence. Although movement may not be the only tool needed to achieve this, we do believe it makes a difference,” said Kelly Snailum, Owner of Remedy Pilates & Barre, who is hosting this annual event in Arizona.

“The funds we raise will help provide access to life-changing health and fitness programs that can help transform the lives of women and girls.”

Move for Confidence is taking place in Scottsdale at The Herb Box on the beautifully remodeled patio, just off Shea (7000 E Shea Blvd G1010) donated generously by management.

Movemeant Foundation and Remedy Pilates & Barre are excited to welcome top instructors from around the valley as well as sponsors including Toesox, Smidge Design Studio and more.

For the full schedule of events and more information on how to register for Move for Confidence, please visit

About Movemeant Foundation
Movemeant Foundation empowers girls and women by providing them with resources, opportunities and experiences to use physical movement as a tool to build confidence and self-worth. They are a 501(C)3 non-profit organization committed to making fitness accessible, fun and empowering while shifting the conversation from weight loss and typical beauty ideals to that of body positivity and supporting one another.