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Motosumo Gives Gyms And Their Members Free Access To Their Popular Indoor Cycling Platform

motosumo athletes on fitness bikes

Fitness app Motosumo has opened its highly popular interactive indoor cycling experience to gyms for free. With a 4.8/5 average rating across Google Play and the App Store, Motosumo is loved by its users.

Designed as a community-building and interactive software platform that builds meaningful workouts through revolutionary technology and high-quality content, Motosumo can help gyms increase their capacity, retain their members, and save costs.

Motosumo user training alone in the gym

This allows gyms to not only use Motosumo’s platform to run their own bike classes using their own instructors but also to add an extra content layer with Motosumo-instructed classes, live or on-demand, to their program.

By letting their members use the Motosumo platform for free and enjoy a totally new bike experience, indoor cycling in gyms has forever changed.

Communal & Meaningful Classes

Motosumo gym solution_in-gym classes

All gym members need to do is download the Motosumo app and hop on a stationary bike, whether on their gym floor or the gym’s bike studio, it doesn’t matter.

The live content offered in Motosumo’s connected platform adds value to any gym looking to spice up and digitize their content offering with a social and sticky solution that also can help them save money and keep members longer.

“We give gyms and their members’ free access to a high-quality bike experience previously only accessible to a high-end audience who were willing to pay over $2,000 dollars for a tech bike with sensors and an expensive monthly subscription on top.

With our freemium offer and Motosumo’s tech, any bike will do. The experience is in the app, and this is how we democratize a connected fitness experience,” Kresten Juel Jensen, CEO and Co-founder of Motosumo, says.

Motosumo gym solution_Motosumo classes Motosumo gym solution_Motosumo classes

Gyms Benefit from Motosumo’s Selection of Team Workouts

Gyms can use Motosumo’s platform either with their own bike instructors or let their members train virtually with Motosumo’s world-class instructors.

Classes are available both live and on-demand. To spice things up, the new Team Display feature permits members to view their team stats on a big leaderboard on top of the livestream or next to gym instructors!

Motosumo’s open platform provides metrics tracking, team leaderboards, interactive games, and features like emojis in a totally new way for gyms. The platform’s instructor interface helps gym instructors structure and run fun and motivating classes with live feedback.

The Big Picture

Integrating Motosumo into a gym’s program is a significant cost-cutter for gyms at a challenging time when many of them are still being impacted by the consequences of the pandemic, changed member preferences and habits, and the global recession.

“We help gyms maximize their bike capacity and retain members with sticky and future-proof content, all for free. That’s the beauty of it. Our solution is flexible and works in so many ways that it meets the individual, team, and gym needs,” Kresten says.

Motosumo’s platform can forever change the perception of what is possible with indoor cycling training; be it at the gym alone, with a couple of friends joining a livestream with a Motosumo instructor, or a fully booked studio class with your local hero instructor.

Anything is possible. Live classes have proven particularly popular due to their desirable community building and the ability to motivate Motosumo’s existing member base since their inception.

Gyms can have their own instructors lead a class by creating a team and then display team stats on a big screen! They can also play a scheduled Motosumo live or on-demand class. And with 300 classes/month, Motosumo fills the gap between a gym’s live class with a live/on-demand library.

Along with the intuitive motivating factor that comes with interactive live classes, science supports the fact that the biggest factor of success in continuing your fitness regimen is working out with others.

Training is more fun and fulfilling in a community. Motosumo has proven this with twice the retention for live-class users compared to on-demand.

“At Motosumo we connect people so they can all have the same class experience whether physically in a gym or virtually with people from around the world. This is our contribution to making people happier and healthier. If we can reach that goal together with gyms, we’ve all succeeded,” Kresten Juel Jensen concludes.

Gym benefits

  • Saving money from not having to upgrade non-tech bikes. Motosumo works with any bike.
  • Creating extra capacity worth over USD$ 10,000/month by providing more than 300 classes/month, around the clock, also for their ‘off-schedule’ members.
  • Promoting their gym with an innovative and award-winning bike experience.
  • Winning new members by offering digital classes on the gym floor.
  • Doubling retention with Motosumo’s community-building platform.
  • Giving gym instructors new tools to build, increase and engage their bike class community.

Want more information?

See how it all works. View the Motosumo presentation with embedded video examples, class, benefits, and feature overviews, including user and media reviews, and more!

Motosumo is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store and via and features interactive games with live fitness metrics, global community interaction, and expert support.