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The Most Common Problems Homeowners Face And How To Fix Them

house in need of repairs

Many homeowners will tell you that there are countless problems that they’ve likely had to deal with, and many of these can range from small yet irritating issues to critical and expensive-to-fix ones.

If you’re looking at getting onto the property ladder or have recently become a homeowner, then knowing what sorts of issues you might have to face can help you better prepare so that you don’t feel caught out.

Different problems will naturally require different methods to fix them, as well as varying levels of attention and costs. Here are some of the more common problems that a homeowner can face today and what steps can be taken to fix them.

Damp Problems

The chances are that you know someone who has experienced this problem or you’ve lived somewhere exposed to dampness. It’s an incredibly common problem, but it’s something that really needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to reduce your risk of getting sick.

Damp can make a home much harder to heat and can result in the air being cold due to there being extra moisture in the air. Excessive dampness that is never dealt with can also lead to mould growth.

While mould isn’t as scary as many imply it is, living with mould can affect your health. These problems include lung irritation and other symptoms caused by allergens, such as a runny nose and itching.

For people with asthma, this can be seriously problematic. All mould is also considered to be toxic as they produce toxins, and some people are more sensitive to this than others.

However, it’s worth remembering that mould is rarely deadly, but to improve your quality of life, you should eliminate mould growth as soon as you notice it.

You can do this with mould removal chemicals or even standard bleach and a damp cloth. Don’t forget to wear a mask and properly ventilate the room when doing this.

Faulty Wiring

While this is especially prevalent in older houses, faulty wiring can be a problem anywhere. There are a few different things that can cause these problems, including pests, direct damage such as drilling through a wire accidentally, or simple degradation of the wires.

There’s also the chance that your wiring could have been installed incorrectly, resulting in it being problematic ever since. Before you go attempting to correct these issues yourself with the help of some online DIY electrics guide, remember that this is extremely dangerous.

Instead, you should hire an electrician who has the correct tools and expertise to fix the problem for you. It’s also worth remembering that you might incorrectly identify the issue if it’s not entirely obvious, and a qualified electrician will be able to properly identify what the problem is before attempting to fix it.

Roof Leaks

There’s one specific task that a roof has, and that’s to keep the rest of the house safe from the elements. However, there are times when a roof simply cannot resist intense weather or damage, and it loses integrity.

If it’s subjected to enough wear and tear, you can lose tiles or even entire pieces of the roof. If you’ve noticed any tiles that have come loose or fallen from the roof, you should get this fixed as soon as possible.

When you look into this, make sure to choose a recommended roofer to help you to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Check their reviews and consider getting a recommendation from someone else so you can feel confident in their work. 

Look at sites like MyBuilder to help you find local roofers. Don’t forget, as with all contractors, to get a guarantee on the work, too. This means they will redo the work if it needs it within a certain period of time.

Plumbing Issues

There is nothing more frustrating than discovering that you have no hot water or that your water pressure has dropped significantly. Other problems relating to your water systems might include toilet blockages, pipe leaks, and even stiff taps.

If you’re having problems with your plumbing in some way, then you might want to consider getting an experienced plumber around to deal with it for you.

While this sort of work can be costly to fix, it could end up being even more expensive if you end up making the problem worse. Don’t forget that plumbers can handle more problems than you might think and can even service your gas boiler if needed. 

Structural Damage

Similar to roof leaks, there are many different types of structural damage your home can be subjected to, and these can all lead to further problems in your home.

These can be caused by the weather, flooding, fire, and even direct impact, such as a vehicle collision or a thrown item. Repairing structural damage can require significant work, depending on the significance of the damage.

Cracked brickwork, for example, can be repaired by a builder using “stitching” the area with stainless steel and grout. If you’ve noticed other issues, such as a leaning or rotated wall or uneven flooring upstairs or downstairs, then you might need some more significant intervention from a professional.

This might require serious work to remedy and shouldn’t be dismissed.