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The Most Common Lies Told By Brits

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A new nationwide study has revealed a list of the most common lies told, in a bid to impress, with ‘I always bake my own bread’ (22 percent), ‘I can eat anything I like without piling on the pounds’ (16 percent), and ‘I hit the gym every day’ (15 percent) all featuring high.

‘My child is a genius (13 per cent), ‘I only ever eat organic food’ (11 percent) and ‘I write poetry’ (11 percent) also topped the list, alongside ‘I’ve read the complete works of Shakespeare’ (10 percent) and ‘I once dated a celeb’ (10 percent).

In addition to this, 13 percent of us have pretended they’ve had no cosmetic work done and 12 percent claim to take four overseas holidays a year, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The study, from Amazon’s Kindle Storyteller Award, found that overall, we are a nation of storytellers, with 80 percent of us admitting to making up tall tales to captivate and excite the people we’re talking to.

Almost half of Brits (47 percent) agreed that elaborating on the truth has injected some much-needed escapism into their lives over the past 12 months, as spinning tall tales such as embellishing facts on our careers, travel exploits and family life (80 percent) has helped them imagine a more exciting life.

Over half of those surveyed (51 percent) said they have considered using their imagination to do something creative – with 45 percent already writing a book, 45 percent taking up painting, and a quarter (25 percent) enjoy journaling.

Darren Hardy, Author and Editorial Programmes Manager at Amazon UK said: “It’s clear we use our imaginations every day to tell tales to those around us, and using our imaginations is just what the Kindle Storyteller Award looks to celebrate.

“With Kindle Direct Publishing, anyone can put their work out there and share their stories with the world, not just friends and family around the dinner table.”

The research also explored the occasions that make us most likely to spin a yarn, with being at a barbeque or casual drinks taking the top spot (35 percent).

But the survey found that we are most likely to elaborate stories when chatting to a stranger such as a cab driver or hairdresser (49 percent do this regularly).

Other porkies the nation are guilty of wheeling out include earning more than £100k a year (nine percent), having over fifty lovers (eight percent), completing a marathon (eight percent) and being good enough to have made the Olympics (seven percent).

Meanwhile the research found that 13 percent of men have fibbed that they were so good at football they could have been a professional player

The literary prize, now in its fifth year, celebrates the best self-published story in the UK, with the winning author receiving a £20,000 prize fund and a marketing promotion for their title on, offering recognition and celebration for new and established writers.

The Kindle Storyteller award is open to authors who publish their story via Kindle Direct Publishing between 1st May – 31st August 2021.


  1. I make my own bread       22%
  2. I can eat what I like without putting on any weight   16%
  3. I hit the gym every day       15%
  4. My children are super smart      13%
  5. I’ve not had any work done to my face     13%
  6. I have at least four holidays a year     12%
  7. I write poetry        11%
  8. I only eat organic food       11%
  9. I’ve written a book       11%
  10. I was an extra in a blockbuster film     11%
  11. I’m familiar/ have read the complete works of Shakespeare  10%
  12. I make my own sushi       10%
  13. I only watch movies with subtitles     10%
  14. I’ve dated someone famous      9%
  15. I won the lottery       9%
  16. I earn over £100k a year       9%
  17. I’ve run a marathon       8%
  18. I’ve had well over fifty lovers      8%
  19. I could have made the Olympics, but got injured    7%
  20. I could have played football professionally    7%
  21. I’ve been to the Maldives      6%
  22. I was approached in the street by a modelling agency   6%
  23. I only fly first class       5%
  24. I went to Oxford or Cambridge University    5%
  25. I have a swimming pool in my house     4%