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Strategically Timing Your Workouts: The Benefits of Morning Exercise

couple train outdoors

Exercise has become a top priority for many individuals, capturing our hearts and minds alike. Seasoned fitness enthusiasts continue to find solace in their exercise routines, while newcomers to the fitness world discover unexpected joy in activities like walking and home yoga.

The significance of exercise goes beyond physical fitness; it acts as a lifeline, instilling confidence and comfort, and empowering our bodies from within.

Given this growing fascination with fitness, we are eager to uncover the intricacies of exercise and explore ways to maximize its physical and mental benefits. From the choice of workouts to the timing of exercise sessions, there are countless factors to consider.

If you have developed a love for exercise or are seeking to enhance your results, the timing of your workouts can indeed make a difference. One prevailing notion in the fitness realm is that mornings are the optimal time to engage in your preferred form of exercise. But is this claim substantiated?

To shed light on this topic, we reached out to Rees Crawford, the lead trainer at the Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy. With expertise in guiding men and women through their fitness journeys via outdoor group workouts and nutritional advice, Rees shared his insights on the advantages of morning exercise.

  1. Enhanced Alertness: In the morning, our bodies are naturally more alert. Cortisol, a hormone associated with wakefulness, peaks in the morning, leaving us feeling energized and focused. By leveraging this natural surge of cortisol, a morning workout aligns perfectly with our heightened energy levels and mental acuity. Although personal schedules may dictate when we can exercise, the morning provides an opportune time to capitalize on our natural state of alertness.
  2. Increased Energy: Exercise is widely known to release endorphins, promoting a sense of happiness and accomplishment. Moreover, regular physical activity boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue. During exercise, oxygen and nutrients are transported to our hearts and lungs, enhancing endurance and stamina. By incorporating morning workouts into your routine, you set the stage for a day filled with heightened energy and productivity. If you often find yourself tired or unfocused in the afternoon, a morning exercise session can provide a natural and invigorating energy boost.
  3. Support for Weight Loss: While fitness should be celebrated for its ability to strengthen, improve health, and boost confidence, it can also aid in weight loss endeavours. Morning workouts contribute to a healthy metabolism, a crucial factor in achieving sustainable weight loss. It is important to note that seeking professional nutritional advice and guidance is recommended for those aiming to lose weight. However, incorporating exercise into your morning routine can significantly enhance metabolic function and support your weight management goals.
  4. Appetite Control: Surprisingly, working out in the morning offers an additional benefit by helping to control your appetite. If you are striving to maintain a healthier and more balanced diet while curbing cravings, morning exercise becomes invaluable. Physical activity regulates appetite by reducing ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone while increasing satiety hormones like peptide YY and peptide-1. The result is a heightened sense of energy, contentment, and motivation throughout the day.
  5. Consistency and Commitment: Exercising in the morning sets a positive tone for the day, establishing a mindset of commitment to healthy choices. By making exercise one of the first activities you engage in, you set yourself up for success and continue to prioritize your well-being as the day progresses. Evening workouts often succumb to excuses, as the desire to relax and indulge in a satisfying dinner takes precedence. By completing your fitness routine in the morning, you can enjoy your evenings guilt-free, knowing you’ve already accomplished your exercise goals. If morning workouts are not feasible for you, consider joining a group class. The Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy, for instance, organizes outdoor sessions that foster a sense of camaraderie and support among participants, motivating them to stay committed even after a demanding day.

In conclusion, morning exercise offers a multitude of benefits, such as increased energy, improved focus, and a healthy start to the day.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that working out in the morning is not an absolute requirement for an enjoyable and effective fitness routine.

What truly matters is finding what works best for you, seeking expert advice when needed, and ensuring that exercise remains an enjoyable endeavour rather than a chore.