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9 Ways To Maintain Mobility As You Age: A Guide

older couple practicing yoga pose

When you reach the later years of your life, you might notice that your mobility isn’t what it used to be. It could become more difficult for you to walk longer distances, and running your usual errands might become a challenge.

However, you can take steps that could help you to maintain your mobility as you grow older. You should include exercise in your day-to-day life. That could help you to keep your body used to the movement.

But remember to stretch properly, so you can avoid potential injuries. You should also look after your diet and reach out to get help anytime you need it. My guide is here to help you to maintain mobility as you age and improve your overall health.

older couple do pushups

Warm Up And Cool Down Before Any Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of working on your mobility. But if you jump into the deep end, you might injure yourself. So, you should include warm-up and cool-down in your exercise routine.

To warm up, you should start with simple stretches. That could help your body to get ready for the activity and warm up your muscles. It might also help you to get your joints moving and loosen them up.

On the other hand, cooling down can help you to recover faster. When you finish your exercise, your muscles might feel tense the following day.

Cooling down could help you to minimise the pain or even prevent it. When you finish your exercise, end your routine with more stretches and bring focus to deep breathing.

Include A Walk In Your Daily Schedule

Walking is one of the main activities you should focus on as you grow older. It’s a low-impact exercise, and it could help you to improve your mobility.

However, adding a daily walk into your routine could provide you with even more benefits. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and spend some time in nature.

That might help you to relieve any worries that are on your mind and boost your mental health. Some people might feel unsteady when walking and lose their balance sometimes. If that’s your case, start off small and take a walk around your home.

Once your mobility and confidence improve, you might be able to take your walks further and explore your neighbourhood.

Explore The Benefits Of Low-Impact Cardio

Another part of your health you need to pay attention to is your cardiovascular system. Maintaining that element of your health could help you to influence your longevity and boost your mobility at the same time.

Some of the low-impact cardio exercises you should consider are swimming, Zumba or kickboxing. Such activities could help you to work on your health and have fun simultaneously.

You might also want to consider signing up for a class. That might provide you with an opportunity to build connections and make new friends. In the end, you could also get into a better mood and become less lonely.

Learn How To Improve Your Balance And Coordination

Based on the data from NHS, around 1 in 3 adults over 65 have at least one fall a year. The consequences of the fall might impact your health and overall well-being negatively.

You might find out that your mobility got worse, and you might lose some of your independence. To prevent such accidents, it’s essential that you do exercises that could improve your balance and coordination.

Some of the activities you might want to consider are yoga, Tai chi, or lightweight training. These exercises could help you to work on your range of motion and increase your strength and reflexes. 

Support Your Mobility With Stretches

Stretches should become an integral part of your daily routine. Taking even as little as 10 minutes to stretch every day could help you to improve your mobility and flexibility.

At the same time, you might be able to give your joints a larger range of motion. Taking time to stretch every day could help you to keep the tissue that connects muscles, bones, blood and tendons healthy.

It could help your muscles to glide past each other seamlessly and allow you more freedom in your movement. So, make sure that you find a few minutes to stretch every day and enjoy the benefits that it might bring to your overall health.

Keep An Eye On Your Posture

Another thing that could significantly improve your mobility is maintaining the right posture. Many older people struggle with poor posture, which might make it incredibly difficult for them to stay active.

When you slouch, your shoulders and neck might become strained. You might also experience more back pain and bring damage to your joints. So, try to keep your posture in mind.

Make sure that your spine is in a neutral position. That might help you to find some relief and maintain your mobility as you get older.

Fuel Your Body With Proper Nutrition

Exercise is one of the main things people think of when talking about improving mobility. However, it’s just as important that you look after your diet and fuel your body with proper nutrition. Some of the nutrients your body needs to maintain bone density are:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • Calcium 
  • Magnesium

On the other hand, Omega-3 fatty acids could help you to reduce swelling of your muscles and joints and make you feel more comfortable as you stay active.

One of the most common health problems older people face is inflammation. Eating the right diet that could include foods like fatty fish, berries, spinach, or nuts could help you to reduce the consequence and improve your mobility.

Boost Your Independence With Travel

Once you notice that your mobility is getting worse, you might lose some of your independence. That could lead to anxiety or even depression.

But your life doesn’t end there. In fact, you should enjoy everything that the new chapter of your life has to offer. You might not be able to walk too far, but you can still travel and explore.

Those who need a wheelchair should get in touch with companies like Allied Mobility and look through their wide offer of WAVs. You might be able to fill your days with activities that you truly enjoy and become more independent.

If you’re looking to travel internationally, airports are able to provide you with assistance to ensure that you have a smooth journey.

Make The Most Of Your Later Years In Life

When you get older, it might be challenging to come to terms with all the changes in your life. Suddenly, you need more support and can’t move around that much.

You might need to ask your loved ones for help more often and feel a bit lonely. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle and making exercise a part of your everyday life could help you to regain some of your independence.

You might be able to run some of your errands and get more control over your well-being. But it’s important that you take it slow. You shouldn’t do too much exercise and only do what your body allows you.

Doing too much too soon could lead to injuries that could limit your mobility even more. If there’s anything you’re unsure about or need more support, reach out to professionals who might be able to give you tailored advice and help you to get your lifestyle on the right track.