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London’s Best Pilates Trainers And Physios Available Digitally

Londons Best Pilates Trainers And Physios1

Ten Health & Fitness, London’s award-winning boutique Pilates brand and the only premium collective to bridge the gap between the fitness and medical sector has launched two new fitness platforms, On Demand and LIVE, both of which can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

The launch rounds off Ten’s pivot to a fully blended offer. Clients can now access a range of services either digitally or in the studio from classes and Personal Training through to Physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation and Clinical Exercise Prescription.

Ten Health PT training with resistance band

This combination is particularly appropriate right now, with gyms and fitness providers now reopened but with many Londoners and commuters still preferring to work from home.

The future of fitness

With the launch of Ten’s On Demand platform, customers have the power to decide when and where they would like to workout.

Featuring a collection of Ten’s Master trainers, the platform features a variety of low-impact workouts such as mat-based Pilates, Dynamic Bodyweight Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, Prenatal and a range of mobility classes.

All feature Ten’s trademark focus on form, posture control and quality of movement, rather than just intensity of effort.

Starting at £21.99 per month, less than a standard gym membership, it means that geography and time zones are no longer a barrier to accessing some of the Capital’s best trainers at a competitive price.

For those who prefer digital fitness experience to be live and in real-time, Ten has also launched a full schedule of Zoom-based fitness training. With around 50 classes a week, Ten’s offering is a step up from the standard live-streamed sessions that many are used to.

Ten’s trainers use top-quality broadcast-standard video and sound equipment to host the LIVE sessions direct from Ten’s gorgeous London-based studios.

Because individual attention, targeted corrections and form analysis is so fundamental to Ten’s exercise ethos, each LIVE session is capped to 20 attendees, meaning each participant gets plenty of live corrections from the instructor taking the class.

Virtual wellness for everyone

As Jo Mathews, founder of Ten Health & Fitness explains; “While lockdown was the catalyst for embracing a digital offering as fully as we have, it’s clear that the future of exercise and wellness needs to be a blended one.

Combining a physical Studio presence with a range of online services – everything from classes and PT to Physio and Clinical – means that we can support clients wherever they are, and whenever they need us. And that’s something that will be increasingly important as more people look to work differently, and more employers reimagine their offices.”

Much of the population has now discovered that health really does equal wealth in today’s world. Because the importance of a regular and tailored exercise regime could not be more important, having access to highly skilled trainers and sessions like this will be a vital tool in revolutionising the health and fitness of the nation. 

For details on pricing and why virtual training is the next frontier in fitness, find details at or visit Ten on Instagram @tenhealthfitness.