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World Cancer Day 2021: Why Young People Should Be Checking Their Chests

World Cancer Day 2021

When was the last time you checked your chest?

This is the question CoppaFeel! is asking on World Cancer Day. The charity has found two in five young people are avoiding making contact with the NHS due to coronavirus – this might mean breast cancer could go undetected, so CoppaFeel! is urging people to regularly check their chests and speak to their GP if necessary.

Self-checking doesn’t have to be a big deal – as these new animations show.

CoppaFeel! has teamed up with animation studio Animade to create three bright and colourful short videos, reminding us – whoever you are, wherever you are – to check your breasts. It shows just how easy self-examination is to fit into your busy schedule.

CoppaFeel! recommends checking monthly so you become familiar with your breasts or pecs and will be better able to tell if anything has changed.

It’s important to judge both the look and feel of your breast. Potential warning signs of breast cancer include changes in skin texture, lumps, nipple discharge, unusual pains and swelling around your armpits or collarbone. Take a look at the full list of signs here.

One in seven women in the UK will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime, and one in nine in Ireland.

While breast cancer is rare in young people, it can still occur – so it’s so important to get into the regular habit of checking yourself. And yes, it can affect men too.

CoppaFeel! has found only 29% of women aged 18-35 years old check their boobs monthly – so hopefully these cute animations will be the kickstart you need to get into the habit.

An all-female team at Animade created the videos, with creative director Frida Ek saying: “To be involved in something that surrounds a subject that is so important, and for the whole team to be able to bring all their love and humour into it really shines through.

It allowed us to create a campaign which is both relatable and fun, but most importantly leaves you with a great reminder to check your probably overlooked chest.”

If you’re in any doubt about self-checking or have noticed any changes in your chest, get in touch with your GP.

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