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How To Buy The Perfect Workout Outfits You Can Wear Outside Of The Gym

group of fitness women in yoga wear

One of the main reasons we like to go to the gym or out for a run, is for aesthetic purposes and we don’t mean the sweaty, breathless look you get after a 5-mile run of course, but the aftereffects of a strong workout regimen, in which we are toning our bodies and both looking and feeling healthier. 

Similarly, fashion has taken a turn towards exercise attire, and has done so many times over the past few decades. 

Building a strong gym look which not only makes you look good on the treadmill, but also looks great for a casual meetup with your friends is the ultimate goal for many. 

So how can you create this look, and what should you consider?

Yoga Pants

Any gym-goer outfit looks incomplete without a great pair of yoga pants

While originally designed to enable more flexibility and comfort, these leggings have long since become a must-have choice when building a casual out-and-about outfit. 

There are a few things you’ll want to think about here though. 

First of all, are they appropriate for where you’re going? It’s probably a good idea to avoid going anywhere that doesn’t accept sports clothes, as well as anywhere that requires a level of formality. 

There are also lots of different aesthetic choices to pick from, from subdued pastels or more subtle blacks and greys, to vibrant, eye-catching colours and prints too. 

Layering Up

When outside of the gym, it’s a great idea to have something to cover up if you’re worried about feeling too exposed in busier areas, or even for if the weather turns. In combination with your yoga pants, you should consider bringing a warmer outer layer. 

Tracksuit jackets are great for this, as they continue the gym-goer look, and you can even find some quality, stylish brands that are longer than normal track jackets if you want the opportunity to cover up a bit more without losing style. 

Finding tracksuits for women is relatively easy, and there are countless amazing and unexpected options out there to suit many different occasions. 

Great Shoes

Any workout outfit is incomplete without the right footwear. If you’re wearing worn and dirty trainers, your entire look is going to be ruined. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to wear pristine, out-of-the-box shoes every time you get dressed up, but it might be a good idea to have a pair of athleisure shoes separate from your actual gym trainers. 

You could even push the boat out and choose a trainer that dazzles and grabs attention like a bright colour or even a shiny, metallic style. 

The great thing about choosing a good pair of trainers here is that you benefit from their comfort, as well as look great. 

Quality Tops

T-shirts become misshapen overtime as do many other items of clothing. It’s worth investing in well-made, high-quality clothes to complete your look. 

Not only will these retain their shape, but they’ll also last longer, so you’re getting much more for your money. 

There are so many different styles to choose from too, from a simple, humble t-shirt, to oversized t-shirts and t-shirt dresses. 

You could even go for a cropped style too, whether loose-fitting or skin-tight.

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