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How To Work Out Without Feeling Like You’re Working Out

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As we get older, we can forget that movement is fun and makes you feel good, and as a result exercise starts to feel like a chore. However, if you choose the correct sporting activity that fits you, it’s easy to forget you’re actually working out and instead it will just feel like an activity you enjoy.

Ruth Stone, qualified Personal Trainer and consultant PT for, has pulled together some of the activities you can do where you will be working out without feeling like you’re working out:


Swimming is brilliant exercise for your whole body, and you don’t even have to swim endless laps to benefit from it. Just splashing around against the resistance of the water, or trying fun tricks like underwater handstands, will give you plenty of exercise without even realising it.


Dancing is great for cardio, but is also a fantastic mood booster; it’s easy to forget that you’re doing exercise while having a boogie and letting loose. Whether you prefer rock and roll, street, or just moving along to your favourite tracks, it all counts as exercise.

Take a walk

Walking is a great alternative to heavy exercise when you’re feeling lazy, suffering from muscle soreness from a previous workout, or simply just need to reset your mind and boost your mental wellbeing. You get to enjoy your surroundings and will have done some exercise at the same time.


Don’t fancy the gym and being locked indoors? Hiking is a great way to breathe in the fresh air and take in some unmissable views, all while burning some calories. The next time you have a free weekend and want to break away from the everyday grind, hiking is a good activity to keep in mind.


A leisurely bike ride is another great form of exercise without realising it; it will get you to where you need to go and is much more fun than driving. You still get benefits of the fresh air and the opportunity to take in your surroundings too. If you’re feeling like working out a bit harder, then you can ramp up the gears and the distance, or if you’re feeling tired you can limit the ride to a short period of time on a low gear. ]

Group Classes

With group classes there is so much to choose from, for varying levels of experience and music tastes. These classes tend to be great fun, as the group atmosphere motivates you to move and the new friends you make create bonds that will keep you coming back.

Get on the water

Another fun thing to do is hire a boat, go rowing, kayaking or canoeing. These are a great way to enjoy a different view of the world, the fresh air you get from breezing across the water and exercise your upper body. 

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