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What To Know Before Buying A New Mattress

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Finding A Comfortable Solution

A really good way to get a good night’s sleep is to assure you’ve got a mattress that fits your preferences.

Some preferences are more important than others—everybody is different, and those differences definitely extend to mattress types.

To find the best one for you, here we’ll explore five questions you should ask yourself as you explore mattress options.

1. How Are You Sleeping Now?

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Most on the market for a new mattress aren’t sleeping well; but some are buying for other reasons. Maybe they’ve got a spouse who isn’t sleeping well, or maybe you’re redoing the bedroom.

If something like décor spurns you on to the acquisition of a new mattress, that’s well and good; but will it help you sleep better? You need to think about such things in advance.

2. Can You Afford A New Mattress?

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Why spend $2k on a new mattress you have to go into debt for? Why sleep uncomfortably if you can afford to give yourself a little peace in the night?

Before buying any mattress, old or new, you should be sure you’re not going to lose any sleep over associated costs.

Generally, expect mattresses to cost between $250 and $3,500; a good one will usually be $500+.

3. What Mattress Options Are Available?

What kind of mattress will fit you best? How do you sleep? Some mattresses are designed for those that prefer very soft sleeping arrangements.

Meanwhile, many don’t have such preferences—at this link you’ll find the 10 best firm mattresses according to experts.

The firmer your mattress, the better you’ll sleep—if you’re this type of sleeper.

Water beds, spring-based mattresses, and others can be more or less comfortable, depending on what works for your situation.

You want a mattress that matches your personal preferences.

4. What Will Your Spouse Think About The Change?

A husband or wife may sleep like an angel while you’re tossing or turning all night. Or, they might have trouble sleeping while you pass out with no trouble.

Switching up your mattress could help your home situation, or it could be a problem. If the two of you aren’t sleeping as you should, it can definitely be worthwhile to explore new mattress options.

As it turns out, there are a lot of emotional problems related to sleep. If you’re sleeping too much or too little, it can affect your mood.

If you’re not sleeping well, or your spouse isn’t sleeping well, this could cause marital friction.

The solution might be as simple as changing mattresses so you both get a more full night’s sleep.

5. Have You Tried All The Options In Sleeping Arrangements?

If you haven’t tried a particular kind of mattress, you may want to see what it’s like before you rule it out.

Water beds aren’t as popular as they used to be, but some people can only sleep on those sorts of beds. 

Sleep number beds may or may not work, memory foam has its place, and you get the idea. See what’s out there before you make any permanent choices.

Finding A Perfect Solution For Your Sleeping Situation

If you’re already sleeping really well, why get a new mattress? But if you’re not doing so well, you may well want to find new sleeping arrangements.

Be sure whatever you find is affordable, and part of that affordability will depend on availability—don’t rule out internet options.

If you’ve got a spouse, see what they think, and be sure you’re familiar with available mattress types.

There are new options in sleeping technology today. Memory foam, sleep number beds, and materials designed to keep warm or cool have better quality today than they’ve ever had.