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What Is Face Yoga?

face yoga

The latest fitness trend Face Yoga promises to keep us looking young and fresh whatever your age. It is a new exercise that anyone can practise anywhere or anytime with little to no effort whatsoever. 

Face Yoga uses exercises and massage to help you look and feel younger naturally and best of all you can learn to do these techniques yourself and use it for life.  

We spoke with Danielle Collins qualified FaceYoga teacher Karen White from Sevenoaks to find out more about the new fitness techniques

Karen who was first introduced to Face Yoga shortly before turning 40 three years ago told us: “Like a lot of people I was feeling a bit disheartened about ageing but didn’t want to go down the route of intrusive procedures, so FaceYoga sounded like a perfect solution.

I practiced a few techniques and was pleasantly surprised at how it made my skin look awake and rosy straight away. 

During Lockdown I had the time to attend the training course online and practice the techniques every day. I began to notice that I was using my forehead less to express and the muscles in my face felt more toned.  I was so impressed with the results that it spurred me on to do it more regularly.  I also really enjoy the time for myself pampering my skin, it feels amazing afterwards.

I now have such a passion for Faceyoga and its benefits that I wanted to share it with others to help them feel and look great naturally.”

So how does it work?

We have 57 muscles in our face, by toning these the skin becomes firmer meaning lines can become less.  These toning techniques increase circulation as well as stimulating collagen and elastin promoting a rosier complexion.

How often should I do FaceYoga?

Once a day, six days a week will see the best results.  You can do anything from 10-30 minutes a day but if that sounds like a lot start with 5 minutes and see how you go. I find at the end of the day when I finally sit down on the sofa a great time to do it even while watching TV.

How quickly can results begin to show?

Instant results are a rosy glow to your face, eyes widen, face looks more alive, and muscles are relaxed.  2-3 weeks and you should start noticing a difference (these differ person to person).

To find out more or to sign up to FaceYoga Karen is currently teaching online classes instead of face to face so this means anyone can sign up regardless of location.

Karen is currently offering online 1:1 taster sessions for £20 or a fully personalised session with a tailored plan which teaches you all the techniques (with a follow up session 8-10 weeks later) for £60.  Karen will also soon be adding weekly courses and a 12 day kick start plan.

For more information or to book a session please do get in touch with Karen White at the following:

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