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Ushvani Spa Have Created A Specialised Oncology Massage Treatment


Usha Arumugam, founder of Ushvani has seen in recent months first-hand how cancer can affect a loved one and how massage can provide great comfort and relaxation for those living with the disease.

Having spoken to a number of medical professionals and undertaking extensive research on the topic, Usha realised very few places offered soft tissue massage therapy to those living with cancer and that there is a real lack of knowledge and specialist training available.

Usha’s vision, when founding Ushvani, was to use her passion for client service excellence with her extensive knowledge of spas and holistic well-being to create an authentic Malaysian-inspired day spa in London. On launching these new treatments, Usha comments,

“I am extremely proud to launch Oncology Massage Treatments at Ushvani and I feel strongly that there is an ever-increasing acceptance and growing demand for qualified oncology massage therapists.”

Training started late last year and has now been completed meaning all Ushvani therapists have now qualified Certified Oncology Massage Therapists.

Training (both clinical and theory) that the therapists received focused on developing their understanding of common conditions of cancer and how this influences their work.

One of the main areas they covered is how to modify existing massage techniques, along with learning some new ones specific to a variety of cancer conditions to ensure they are safe to work with the complications cancer can present and treatment that clients might be undergoing.

“Over the last six months I’ve been reassured to see and learn how massage can benefit certain people living with cancer,” commented Usha “and we’ve designed the treatments to ensure clients receive all the positive benefits of massage. Cancer patients are often much stronger than they look, and they deserve access to massage and the benefits it can offer as much, if not more, than everyone else. Here at Ushvani we want to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment where clients can be cared for away from a harsh, clinical, medical setting.”

On the training process, Ushvani’s Spa Manager comments “the training we received and exams we undertook were extremely thorough.

We were trained in dealing with numerous different types of cancer and how to make necessary modifications to ensure treatments are 100% tailored to the individual and their needs.

The oncology massage treatments are very different to anything we currently have on the menu at Ushvani.

They are relaxation-based and follow a classic style, similar to a light Swedish massage – sensitivity is heightened during chemotherapy and it can also cause patients, platelet counts, to drop which means bruising can be a real issue, so we avoid anything deep or strenuous.

We use our eponymous Coconut & Hibiscus Oil but have the flexibility to use cream-based products if required.”

Ushvani has the flexibility to ensure every Oncology Massage is bespoke to the individual and modifications around techniques, pressure and positioning will all be taken into account.

They understand that some clients won’t be comfortable lying in certain positions so modifications will be made and are able to treat in a side-lying and sitting position.

On the back of a detailed consultation (a letter from their consultant will also be required), Ushvani’s therapists will know if there are any areas of the body to avoid touching and will make simple adjustments to cater to special requirements including IV Ports, equipment, medication and stage of treatment.

To book: Usvhani’s NEW 60-minute Oncology Massage Treatments will be available from 1st May 2019 and will cost £150.

For further information and to receive a personal consultation, please visit or call one of the team on 0207 730 2888. Gift vouchers also available.

Please note: Ushvani will carry out a personal consultation and will also require a letter from a consultant to receive treatment before appointments are confirmed.

Clients will be invited to use the Relaxation Room & Tea Room during their visit to the Spa but won’t have access to the Spa Pool & Steam Room facilities.