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Until – The First Members Club And Workspace For Health & Wellness Professionals

Until Workspace for health and wellbeing professionals

Until, the world’s first members club and workspace for personal trainers, coaches, treatment and wellness professionals, will open its first club in central London this November. 

Designed and created to make world-class, market-leading services and HealthTech more accessible and affordable for professionals, this first of a kind community-driven offering will provide self-employed health and wellness professionals a perfectly curated space and environment to run their own businesses from. 

Working with Soho Estates and having raised $3m in its initial fundraise this year, the first Until site will open within the new Ilona Rose House near Tottenham Court Road Station.

The 8,500 sq ft unit includes 3,000 sq ft of optimum gym floor space, nine treatment rooms, eight coaching rooms, luxurious changing rooms, a cutting-edge performance suite and members’ Clubhouse.

Professionals working and utilising the premises can use this communal area to connect, collaborate and co-work in when they’re not delivering sessions for clients, consequently facilitating a thriving community of like-minded industry specialists, which include: personal trainers, physios, osteopaths, psychotherapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and many more. 

In addition to the three key specific work disciplines Until was conceived for – those who train, those who treat and those who coach – wider education and business coaching is another offering provided on site for its community via this workspace.

As well as full-time access to best-in-class and ergonomic facilities, including podcast studios and private booths for video calls, members are also privy to an expansive range of wellbeing and personal benefits similar to those of a salaried employee, which include: health insurance, accounting advice, ongoing CPD & training sessions and business support clinics. 

Recognising the wellness industry was broken due to Covid and will be impacted for the following few years, the ultimate goal of the business is to provide these professionals with a better workspace and environment and offer the best support possible to enable them to run and grow their businesses. 

Commenting on this industry first, co-founder Alex Pellew, said: “We have found that health and wellbeing professionals are great at serving their clients, but all the tasks that go into running a business – marketing, accounting, business admin – that’s often the bit that they struggle with. Over time, we will take that work of their plates, so they can focus on what theyre brilliant at: transforming bodies, minds and lives.” 

Community will be at the heart of the business, and this is something that’s truly come to light in wake of a global pandemic. By creating our own community and providing them with the services and solutions they need, we’re confident this will contribute to the restoration of the wellness industry,” says Alex. 

Central to the site and its community is the Clubhouse – a space for members to get their head down between sessions, connect with other professionals outside of their network, or grab a bite to eat, it is where professionals come to learn, hone and inspire each other.

Pellew adds: “Inside the Clubhouse, you will look around and see all these amazing people who you want to learn from and collaborate with. Our members will get expert advice across a truly holistic set of health and wellness interventions from many different types of professionals including PTs, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, Nutritionists, Podiatrists and Life Coaches.” 

Also benefiting members will be a fully flexible and non-committable membership contract, which is based on a peer-review process. Commenting on this, co-founder Vishal Amin, says: “The world we live in now requires flexibility and this is something we will provide our members with.

The more services they use, the less expensive they are and everything they book can be done easily and efficiently via our purpose-built, seamless digital platform. Working together with high quality professionals is critical for us, people who are leaders in their field that will add value to the community. 

“And why the name, Until? Until is the fulcrum at the heart of every goal: I’ll keep training until I can run a sub-20-minute 5km, or I’ll go to a physio every week until I can walk pain-free. It’s forward looking, dynamic and all about goal achievement – and something that’s integral to us and our future expansion plans.” 

Backed by experience, behind Until is a team of highly experienced co-founders and a real estate team that has previously built multi-million-pound real estate businesses and led projects encompassing 14 million-square-feet of commercial space in London.

The ambition for growth includes a target of 15 Until sites across Europe and USA within three years.

After the W1 launch, we are then rolling out across the City and West London. These include Victoria, Liverpool Street, London Bridge and Waterloo – our ambition is to have these four London sites live by Summer 22.”, says Amin. 

Facilities include: 

Fully equipped PT gym: the gym space has been designed to help personal trainers deliver the best 1-2-1 training experience for their clients. 

Member Clubhouse: An elegantly designed space where Members can connect, do online sessions or just get their head down and run their business. 

Specialist treatment rooms: Expertly equipped but beautifully designed rooms that have been designed specifically for treatment professionals. 

Luxurious changing rooms: Elegant and stylish changing rooms, designed to give Members and their clients an uplifting and premium experience. 

Ergonomic coaching rooms: Guided by industry leaders to create the ideal environment for health and wellbeing coaches. 

Performance suite – The latest performance technology, curated to help professionals better track and train musculoskeletal and neural performance. 

Podcast studio – Designed to make it easier than ever before for professionals to make the highest quality content possible. 

 Memberships start from £149, with a credit system in place and flexible models available too. Applications can be made online via. / @until_space

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