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Balanced Body® Partners With Third Space On Its New Group Reformer Pilates Offering

Third Space Wimbledon Reformer Pilates

As Third Space unveiled its latest club in Wimbledon at the end of 2023 as part of its growth development into suburban, residential locations, it also revealed a new state-of-the-art Reformer Pilates studio at the new site in response to members seeking a low-impact, full-body workout for all abilities. 

Partnering with Balanced Body, a global provider of Pilates equipment and education with a trading history spanning more than 45 years, the new studio hosts an impressive 20 Balanced Body Allegro® 2 Reformers with Towers. 

On the install, James Shaw, Pilates Master Trainer, Third Space comments: “The introduction of Reformer Pilates is another example of Third Space offering members a 360-fitness experience, enabling them to tap into more holistic, mind-body focussed training modalities to not only complement the current fitness offering in-club, but elevate it.”

The installation comes at a time when Pilates, and indeed, Reformer Pilates is seeing substantial growth, driven by the increasing focus and adoption of a more holistic approach to fitness, health and wellbeing as well as wider education regarding the many benefits of Pilates training. 

“Pilates is great as a standalone workout, but it’s also amazing as a cross-training method.” Shaw explains.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your fitness ability is, you can benefit from incorporating Pilates training into aspects of your life. It truly embodies the Third Space motto ‘Training For Life.”

To ensure there is a Reformer Pilates class suitable for all abilities, Shaw has developed three different classes; Fundamental, Traditional and Dynamic Reformer Pilates.

Through these, instructors are able to offer a full spectrum of frameworks. From beginner, foundational movements in ‘Fundamental’, to an authentic blend of classical and contemporary Pilates in ‘Traditional’ and finally, an increased tempo, more advanced, heart-rate raising class in ‘Dynamic’.

“It’s important to us that we provide a personalised fitness experience for each member within the group setting.” Shaw adds.

“With 20 Balanced Body Reformers in the studio, we’re able to accommodate a large group class, whilst still ensuring that we make every individual feel seen within the session.”

“The studio has been a draw for not only our existing Third Space members but also for brand new members who have been attracted by the introduction of Reformer Pilates.

We’ve seen incredibly high demand and have worked to satisfy this demand by offering a Reformer Pilates class on the hour, every hour, from open to close, amounting to a current total of 85 classes a week at Wimbledon.”

On the decision to work with Balanced Body equipment on this installation, Shaw explains: “We are a luxury health club, and in a group training setting, we required something that not only looks aesthetically beautiful but is easy to use and has a premium feel.

With this in mind, Balanced Body was the only partner for us. The equipment is striking, has unrivalled functionality and the addition of the Tower to the Reformer beds has helped to elevate our offering to the next level.”

Mark Mailhot, Commercial Fitness Manager for Balanced Body, adds: “Third Space is one of the UK’s most well-known luxury health club brands, and despite the new Wimbledon location being the first venue in the Third Space portfolio to install Balanced Body Reformers, we’re excited to say it won’t be the last. 

“As the popularity of Reformer Pilates continues to grow, we look forward to supporting Third Space on future developments, both in new sites yet to open as well as in existing clubs.”

Third Space Reformer Pilates is already available at both the Wimbledon and Mayfair clubs, with plans to expand the offering to new clubs such as Clapham Junction and Wood Wharf, opening in Summer 2024 as well as existing clubs, including Third Space, City. 

Recently, Balanced Body established a dedicated warehouse in the UK to help improve service to clients across the territory alongside an equipment supply, distribution network and education provision that serves its UK audience directly. 

To find out more visit Balanced Body or to find out more about the new studio, visit Third Space Wimbledon

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