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‘Shocking’ New Fitness SystimFit Launches Exclusively in New York City’s 432 House


SystimFit, the whole body EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) system that makes working out shockingly efficient and effective by giving users the benefits of a 90-minute workout in only 20 minutes, announces their exclusive launch at 432 House,

Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. SystimFit is the only whole-body EMS system that has been cleared by the FDA for consumer use due to its built-in safety mechanisms and superior technical design.

With the use of electrical stimulation, SystimFit safely contracts all major muscle groups at a rate of 85 times higher than average.

Despite the system’s intensity, it has been proven safe and effective for users of all fitness levels as each session can be tailored to the individual’s needs.

“We’re thrilled to offer consumers the safest EMS system on the market,” said co-founder, Joshua Holland.

“We love helping people, so democratizing SystimFit’s benefits by making it available at 432 House, which doesn’t require a membership, was a clear choice.”

SystimFit is nothing like the hand-held devices available online that claim to produce ripped abs with little effort.

SystimFit works in conjunction with a fitness routine, engaging with your muscles for benefits that include increased strength, weight loss, and cellulite and inflammation reduction.

With SystimFit’s proven effectiveness, sessions are recommended two-to-three times per week so it’s convenient that 432 House offers group classes focused on optimizing disciplines like rowing, spinning, and running to supplement the recommended regimen.

Additionally, they have personal training and a health cafe upstairs, fully rounding out this one-stop-wellness-shop.

SystimFit makes working out shockingly efficient and effective by giving users the benefits of a 90+ minute workout in only 20 minutes.

One of the only whole-body EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) systems to be cleared by the FDA for consumer use in the United States, SystimFit safely contracts major muscle groups 85 times higher than the average rate.

Scientifically based and bespoke to each client and their needs, SystimFit sessions are designed to crank up the intensity of conventional workouts, allowing users to reach their goals faster, safer and more effectively — no matter their fitness level. Visit @systimfit for more on this proven fitness system.

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