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The Sunday Lunch Items Being Snubbed By Modern Brits

roast dinner

New research suggests modern Brits are a nation of self-professed “roast snobs”, with 43 percent insisting there are elements of a Sunday lunch that have become outdated and an absolute “no-no” in the modern age.

In fact, 30 percent claim they would not DREAM of using a packet for their cheese sauce, and a further 24 percent said they have never bought frozen roast potatoes.

Broccoli florets, carrots cut into circles or disks, using a ready-made crumble mix, and buying your joint of meat from the supermarket are also deemed old school.

Sunflower oil has also been usurped by duck or goose fat when it comes to how Brits like to roast their potatoes, according to the poll, while 18 percent are even growing their own veg for their Sunday roasts.

And the modern roast is more likely to include tenderstem broccoli and heritage carrots, roasted whole, rather than cut into circles. 

The survey of 2,000 Brits by Tenderstem, found as many as 34 percent always ensure there is a vegan or veggie option.

And 31 percent are more likely to rustle up a dauphinoise than roasting spuds, while 28 percent would only serve fresh and seasonal veggies, meaning the humble tinned vegetable could soon be a thing of the past.

Yet, despite the generational gap, as many as 89 percent of all Brits admit there is nothing better than a Sunday roast.

A confident 59 percent of those surveyed rate their roasts as excellent, while a more modest 37 percent claim their Sunday lunch is good to average.

A spokesperson for Tenderstem which commissioned the survey said “It’s clear we are a nation of Sunday lunch lovers, however, some elements are now seen as old fashioned, such as boiling our veg.

“The research revealed that Sundays are a very special fixture in the week for Brits and Tenderstem broccoli was revealed to be a firm favourite when it comes to their roast – this may be because it can be steamed, griddled or roasted, allowing us to modernise our Sunday lunch and move away from basic and bland boiled broccoli florets.”

The study found that Cardiff is the roast capital of the UK, with an impressive 73 percent of the Welsh city claiming their Sunday lunch is excellent, followed by people from Leicester (70 percent).

However, 80 percent admit there is nothing better than going home to their parent’s house for a nostalgic roast lunch, with 73 percent insisting lunch on Sunday is one of the highlights of their week.


  1. Cauliflower cheese sauce from a packet – 30 percent (would not dream of serving this)
  2. Tinned veggies – 29 percent
  3. Bread sauce from a packet – 29 percent
  4. Frozen roast potatoes – 24 percent
  5. Ready-made crumble mix – 22 percent
  6. Frozen/packet Yorkies – 22 percent
  7. Frozen veggies – 21 percent
  8. Mint sauce from a jar (not home-made) – 20 percent
  9. Packet stuffing – 18 percent
  10. Broccoli florets – 17 percent
  11. Gravy granules – 17 percent
  12. Carrots cut into disks/circles – 16 percent
  13. A joint of meat from the supermarket – 16 percent
  14. Boiled veggies – 16 percent
  15. Sunflower oil for roast potatoes – 14 percent


  1. A vegan of veggie option – 34 percent (always serve this)
  2. Dauphinoise or Boulangere potatoes – 31 percent
  3. Home-made yorkies – 30 percent
  4. Seasonal, locally sourced veggies – 28 percent
  5. Tenderstem broccoli – 28 percent
  6. Cider or wine in the gravy – 27 percent
  7. Gravy made from the meat juices – 26 percent
  8. Organic joints of meat from the local butcher – 26 percent
  9. Goose or duck fat potatoes – 25 percent
  10. Matching wines – 24 percent
  11. Roasted beetroots – 23 percent
  12. Roasted heritage carrots – 21 percent
  13. Using home grown herbs – 20 percent
  14. Veggies from your own vegetable patch – 18 percent
  15. Home-made cauliflower cheese sauce – 15 percent