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Stewart Golf Celebrate 20 Years Of Innovation

Stewart Golf Team

Pioneering British golf trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has announced the celebration of its 20th anniversary. Since the release of its first electric trolley in 2003, Stewart has been unrelenting in its aim to change how the world plays golf.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary, Stewart have released an exclusive feature film where founders Ross & Mark Stewart discuss the origins of the company and reminisce about the journey the business has been on.

The seeds of the brand were sewn in 1999 when Roy Stewart, a retired engineer, dared to question the fundamental design of the humble golf bag.

His ‘Carousel’ design put his clubs the ‘right’ way up, with the heads secured in three rotating, inverted cones. While the ‘Carousel’ never made it to market, it’s unique concept and daring aesthetic set the tone for the future of Stewart Golf.

Roy’s son Ross, and grandson Mark made the initial ‘Carousel’ prototypes before David Funnell and Jon Miller joined to complete the group of engineers that still lead the company today.

The team set out to create the world’s best performing and best looking golf trolley, fundamental principles that have not changed to this day.

2003 saw the X1 Remote launched, with one major media title calling the futuristic machine ‘half golf trolley, half Learjet’.

The X1 Remote even appeared in GQ Magazine’s ‘100 Coolest Things in the World’ list alongside the Range Rover Sport and David Beckham’s football boots, proving that its innovative design transcended the traditional golf audience.

From then the innovation has not stopped, with Stewart pioneering concepts including the folding chassis, lithium batteries, LCD screens, rack & pinion folding, Bluetooth communication and of course, Follow technology that the brand has since become famous for.

From the humble origins of a Grade II listed building to a modern manufacturing facility, Stewart Golf has become a world leader in the golf trolley industry.

In addition to its own Customer Care Center in the USA, Stewart exports to more than 30 countries and is an Export Champion for the UK Government.

CEO Mark Stewart said, “We are all incredibly proud of the business we have built. We are grateful to every member of our UK and US teams, our international partners and suppliers have been instrumental in our journey, and we are excited about what the next 20 years may hold.”