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Sports Fads to Expect in 2022

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Perhaps the most valuable takeaway from 2021 is that health comes first. So, on top of drastic societal changes, daily routines such as fitness and nutrition have also taken a significant turn. 

If you are dipping your toes into the fitness pool for the first time or looking to get back into your typical routine, here are a few sports fads you can expect in 2022.

Sports & Mental Health

Throughout the year, amateurs and professionals alike have reaped the mental and emotional benefits of sports.

Pandemic restrictions have seen a significant spike in anxiety and depression, with initiatives such as Do One Thing for World Mental Health Day seeing an identical increase. 

We anticipate less emphasis on the fundamentals and structure of a given sport and more on its effect on one’s well-being. 

In addition, considering the recorded meditative and self-caring effects of solo outdoor excursions and at-home exercise, expect mental health and fitness to stay directly correlated. 

Home Gyms

For countries that remain badly affected by the pandemic, consumers are expected to continue investing in home gyms in 2022.

According to recent surveys, 75% of people are confident in their ability to stay fit at home—so why not hop on the trend?

Plus, staying fit at home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Many Americans have home set-ups that don’t surpass $100!

Fitness Apps

Long gone are the days of analog fitness journals. Nowadays, fitness apps are all the rage—they’re multifunctional, easy to use, and often free. 

Especially if you lack the square footage for a full-fledged home gym, mobile fitness apps can help whip you into shape with no equipment instructionals. 

Holistic Fitness

In the past decade, holistic or whole-body fitness has made its way into your typical American home. To top off strenuous exercise, more health enthusiasts are incorporating restorative activities into their routines. 

Activities like meditation, sleep, and nutrition tracking are all trends you can expect to see in a typical exercise regime. 

Wearable Fitness Devices

If you have a Fitbit, you aren’t the only one. In the last decade alone, wearable fitness devices have graced the wrists of more than 900 million people. 

This almost $70 billion industry makes tracking factors like calories and heart rates easier for individuals to keep up with their health goals. 

Socially Distanced Sports

Because of social distancing measures, 2021 saw another spike in hiking, camping, fishing, and golf.

In addition, as international travel slowly resumes across the globe, we expect to see more people keen to discover the delights and physical benefits of exploring the great outdoors. 

Virtual Sports 

While travel is normalizing once more, don’t be surprised if your favorite sporting events undergo cancellation—again.

Events such as marathons may experience a cross between physical and virtual-only participation, while tourism-reliant sports like scuba diving will still have to take a backseat. 

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, as essential travel remains up in the air, sports fanatics may not be able to get back into the swing of things for some time.

Still, many well-beloved trends to look forward to can help keep you on track towards your fitness goals. 

About the Author

Kenneth is a professional angler with over 20 years of experience and sought-after knowledge.

Through Perfect Captain, he hopes to provide aspiring anglers with everything they need to know to master the sport.

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