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Shreddy Introduces Shreddy70, an Ingenious Adaptation of the Social Media Phenomenon ’75 Hard’

Shreddy70 Fitness App

 As the New Year begins, Shreddy aims to help users improve everyday habits, without having to use extreme measures to hit goals.

The brand-new SHREDDY70 challenge is Grace Beverley’s very own take on the popular 75-day challenge – the fitness routine which has taken social media by storm. 

Kicking off on Monday 22nd January the new SHREDDY70 challenge includes 70 days of movement, goal setting and focus – not to mention incredible prizes along the way including a month’s rent or mortgage and a holiday for you and your friends.

Each day, there will be a daily movement; a HIIT session, a strength workout, a Pilates or yoga flow, or for the first time ever, new running workouts.

SHREDDY70 will help users achieve all New Year fitness goals and beyond, made even easier without having to sacrifice the everyday treats we all like to enjoy in our daily routines.

The challenge also introduces two new trainers to the app, Mary, an experienced runner of 17 years, is bringing running to Shreddy – starting off small to ease users into this new element, and Bianca who will help provide motivation when leading Shreddy workout classes.

Mary will be introducing running to the app for the first time ever by taking it back to basics, showing that running doesn’t need to be scary and users can get excited about adding this to their workout routines.

9 out of 101 users told Shreddy that they feel more motivated when using the app. Each week participants will be prompted to choose a new goal through the mini challenges which can include drinking greens powder daily, hitting a step count or going on an additional run – this will help keep the motivation rolling throughout the challenge.

The new SHREDDY70 challenge will help consumers smash their goals and with prizes including six months of food shopping on Shreddy or a kitted-out kitchen worth £750, which will be awarded for those who surpass these, there is no better motivation than training with Shreddy this January.

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