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Salomon S/PRO Boot receives Gear of the Year Award from SKI Magazine

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By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 26 June 2020

Salomon’s new S/PRO ski boot receives the 2020 Gear of the Year Award from SKI Magazine, thanks to its unrivalled comfort and performance. To deliver the all-new, lightweight S/PRO, the Salomon alpine ski boot design team utilized consumer feedback, foot biomechanics research and findings from the development of Salomon’s freeride and backcountry boot range.

Photos: Christoffer Sjöström / Salomon

“Our alpine boot design team set new standards for comfort and fit when they developed the all-new S/PRO”, says Chris McKearin, the U.S. alpine commercial manager for Salomon. “The S/PRO is the best fitting and most comfortable, yet high-performing, alpine ski boot we have ever made.

We are honored to be recognized by SKI Magazine, and other members of the ski industry, for this new take on the industry’s best-selling boot line.”

The SKI Magazine Gear of the Year Award is granted annually to products that are rigorously tested by the SKI Magazine editors. The distinction is based on top design and performance in a variety of conditions. The complete list of SKI Magazine Gear of the Year Award winners will be announced in the magazine’s Buyer’s Guide, hitting newsstands on September 24, 2019

Photos: Christoffer Sjöström / Salomon

“The fit on this boot is awesome. To nail it, Salomon used state-of-the-art technology to scan over 5,000 feet in both Europe and North America. The result is a 100mm last and a shape that fits 70% of people right out of the box”, says Jon Jay, digital content editor at SKI Magazine. “In terms of performance, Salomon is using the same CoreFrame shell inserts from their World Cup race boots.

Our test crews in Utah and Vermont were especially impressed by the S/PRO.

Commending the boot for its quick edge to edge responsiveness, superior turn initiation, and finish, and top tier overall performance. With the Seamless liner, Custom Shell HD and Coreframe 360 construction, the S/PRO is the complete package for any skier.”

In addition to being awarded the Gear of the Year award from SKI Magazine, the S/PRO was also awarded top accolades from well-known publications throughout the ski industry.

Photos: Christoffer Sjöström / Salomon

Optimal balance between fit, performance and weight

Collectively, the models of the S/Pro range (previously known as the X Pro) have sold more pairs of boots than any other Salomon ski boots in history, and for good reason. In a ski boot range known for best-in-the-industry fit, the Salomon S/Pro models are the top of the class.

The name change from X Pro to S/Pro was made in order to align the entire on-piste range of Salomon skis and boots under one easy to understand title. S/Series boots represent Salomon’s newest generation of boots, all of which rely on the new Core Frame construction, which guarantees the optimum balance between fit, performance and weight.

Built to perform on-piste and off, the S/Pro boots have been masterfully crafted for those who seek performance, but not at the cost of comfort.

Designed to perfection

Designing a boot with uncompromising performance and more comfort than any Salomon boot ever made is no easy task. The S/PRO accomplished this blend with its easy step-in capability, a seamless liner and full customization capability. The Custom Shell HD process on the shell and cuff allows fast and complete personalization in just 10 minutes. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and provide enhanced sensations, more power and direct transmission. A new Coreframe 360—an insert that guarantees the boot keeps its geometry and stiffness after the Custom Shell HD process—allows for a fully customizable cuff, shell and liner to achieve Salomon’s most tailor-fitted boot. That Coreframe, along with a combination of Sense Amplifier and Sense Strap technologies, guarantee power and rebound in every turn as well as quicker edge to edge transfer and acceleration at the end of the turn.

Through extensive research and development of Salomon’s freeride boot range, the alpine ski boot design team was able to deliver the S/Pro on-piste range in a lighter package as well. To the skier, that means feeling less fatigued at the end of the day.

The S/Pro boots are also fully compatible with the best boot-fitting solution Salomon offers: in-store boot-fitting stations that can be found at hundreds of retailers worldwide. At boot-fitting stations, a skier can sit with the most skilled boot experts and take advantage of a multitude of features to arrive at the perfect fit for his or her feet.

The S/Pro range comprises a variety of boots with varying levels of flex—the S/Pro 130 (the stiffest), S/Pro 120, S/Pro 110, S/Pro 100, S/Pro 90, S/Pro 80 and S/Pro 70 (the most flexible). A women’s version is available in each of these models, except the S/Pro 130.

S/Series boots are directly linked to the S/Series of on-piste skis, which range from S/Race RushS/Max Blast and now the S/Force Bold.

The S/PRO collection is now available for men and women in a range of flexes nationwide at Salomon Ski retail partners.

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