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Salomon Unveils New Footwear Range For The Urban Commuter

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The amount of urban workers who commute to work on bicycles or on foot is exploding in cities around the globe.

In some major cities, the number of people who cycle to work has doubled since the early 2000s. In Paris, the number of e-bikes sold increased by 199 percent in 2017.

This growing trend of people commuting to work in regions where the weather can be challenging during autumn, winter and spring is what led to the creation of Salomon’s new three-season commuter range of footwear.

Handling the elements

Salomon’s commuter footwear range is designed for urban residents who commute to work on foot or by bike through wet, wintery weather.

They need lightweight, comfortable footwear to handle the elements, but with a modern design that is stylish enough to wear in any situation after work.

While the ideal footwear provides protection during the wintery season, it also needs to be comfortable indoors, without feeling too warm while hopping from meeting to meeting or putting in that dreaded desk time.

Stylish through the winter

A stylish protective winter sneaker for everyday life in cold climates, the new T-Muter WR shoe was created to let urban dwellers continue their active lives right through winter.

A water resistant upper that sheds light moisture, snow and rain makes the shoe wearable on even harsh winter days.

With sneaker-like cushioning, wet-or-dry traction, just enough warmth and a lightweight design, the T-Muter is ideal for commuting or everything you do in winter.

In addition to those technical features, it has a clean and slim upper with subtle details to match almost any winter outfit or situation.

Like the T-Muter, the T-Max WR is a stylish, water-resistant sneaker for everyday winter life.

With sneaker-like comfort, water resistant construction and a modern, clean, softshell-inspired silhouette, the T-Max is both practical and versatile.

The slim, athletic style lets you pair the shoe with a variety of winter outfits for mostly any situation.

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