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Sally Gunnell Joins Tempo, The First Sports Nutrition Brand Dedicated To Active Over 50s

Sally Gunnell

Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth Champion, Sally Gunnell OBE has joined Tempo as head of health & wellbeing.

As a brand athlete and member of the Tempo team, Sally will benefit from world-class nutritional products to help fuel her active, healthy lifestyle.

Sally and Tempo® share the same desire, passion and ambition to be the best – this is why the partnership makes great sense. Tempo provides over 50s with nutritionally targeted sports nutrition, high in protein and formulated with a unique blend of vitamin and minerals, providing the right nutrients, when it’s needed most. 

Of the new partnership, Sally Gunnell said, “I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Tempo® as head of health and wellness.

I believe now more than ever, there is a need to raise awareness around the importance of regular exercise, and our changing nutritional needs as we get older, setting a solid foundation that encourages health beyond appearance. Tempo® is a new innovative brand with great products, with a simple belief that you can realise the greatest version of yourself no matter what your age. It’s great to be part of the team.”

Nicholas Aylett, CEO of Tempo® said “We’re absolutely delighted to announce that the Olympic Gold Medallist, Sally Gunnell OBE has joined Tempo®. Sally is a world-famous role model, motivator and inspiration. She brings with her a passion and knowledge to inspire and empower, the value of appropriate nutrition and the importance of living an active lifestyle.”

Today’s older consumer is typically health conscious, valuing physical health, fitness and vitality, yet there is a lack of products available tailored to their needs. As we age, our bodies change, in particular the need for protein.

From around our 30’s we can lose up to 3-8% of our body’s muscle mass every decade, which accelerates at around our 50s. At the same time as losing muscle mass, our muscle quality and strength also declines. The progressive loss of muscle as we age is known as Sarcopenia, which can seriously impact on life expectancy and quality of life.

Recent research suggests that older adults aged 50 and above, should aim to consume 1.2-1.5g of protein per kilo of body weight a day. This is equivalent to 84-105g of protein a day if you weigh 70kg. This increases further if doing regular exercise and strength training.

The partnership with Sally and Tempo® will help create awareness around the nutritional needs of the over 50s, to help educate, inspire and to live a fulfilled, healthy, active lifestyle.

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